Every year students look for easy courses to take in oder to boost their GPA. If you are interested in what some easy courses are, you are at the perfect place! Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at GWU!

1. PSYC 1001 – General Psychology 10 of the Easiest Classes at GWU

This class is easy because it teaches just the basics, most of which you’ve probably learned about in high school. Plus, if you have not taken AP psych in high school, you’re going to need this course to take most other psych classes at GWU.


2. HLWL 1102 – Stress Management 

It’s pretty clear from the title of this course that it’s an easy class. If your stress management class makes you stressed out, then we have a problem. This class will most certainly help you manage your stress throughout your time in college.


3. EXNS 1117 – Principles of Coaching 

If you’re taking Principles of Coaching, your professor is going to be especially motivational. But even more than that, most concepts learned in this class can be applied to your own life, whether you’re some type of coach, or not. It makes everything easy to remember!


4. HLWL 1116 – Lifestyle Nutrition 

This class is relatively easy since it covers the basics when it comes to concepts in nutrition. I am sure we all know not to eat an entire cake right before we go to sleep. Plus, it’s great to be health conscious in college if you can.


5. LSPA 1029 – Yoga 

Similar to stress management, a yoga class should not add any more stress to your life. Although it is only a 1-credit class that does not count towards your GPA, it’s great to have relaxation time built into your schedule.


6. FA 1301 – Drawing Fundamentals 

If you have an interest in art, this might be the easy class for you. Since it’s a fundamentals class, you don’t have to go in knowing every little thing about drawing. Perfect!


7. HEBR 1001 – Beginning Hebrew 

This class is for beginners. If you have ever taken a Hebrew class before, this class will be especially easy. But even if you have not, professors recognize how difficult it can be to first start learning a new language when you get to college. They will be there to help.


8. HLWL 1101 – Positive Psychology 

This class teaches you all about having a more positive mindset. You can apply everything that you learn to your own life. It’s pretty hard to have negative feelings towards a positive psychology class, if you know what I mean!


9. FA 1051 – Black and White Photography 

Although getting the hang of rolling and developing film takes a while, the actual process of going and taking pictures is fun. It can end up as a great creative outlet.


10. PSYC 2012 – Social Psychology  

Similar to Principles of Coaching, this class is easy because you can apply everything you learn to your own self. Taking this class will help you analyze any social situation.


Becca Paul

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