Some students might not want to sign up for an American Studies course at GWU in fear of a heavy workload. AMST 2011 with Professor Kosek is an enjoyable and manageable class. You will only have to write 5 relatively short papers (this includes the midtern and the final) and there are no tests. That being said, here are 5 ways to ace AMST 2011 at GWU:

1. Keep up with readings

In this class, the professor will give pop quizzes on the readings, which factor into your overall grade. Don’t worry- the quiz questions are simple and easy to answer if you have done the reading. Even more important, a lot of what the professor speaks about in class relates to the reading assignments. Definitely keep up with the reading to ace this course.

2. Take detailed notes

There is no textbook to refer to in AMST 2011. You will want to have your notes to look at when you write papers for this class, especially since you will not have a specific book to consult for information. Taking well-written notes in this class will help you a great deal when it comes to writing papers.

3. Go to your TA’s office hours

Your teaching assistant will grade your papers, not the professor. It will help your grade immesely to recieve insight from your TA, and you will know if you are taking your paper in the right direction. Your TA will also help you with your writing skills in general, which will benefit you in your other classes.

4. Participate in discussion section

Listening in discussion section will give you a better idea of what to think about when you’re preparing to write each paper. Furthermore, sharing your ideas in discussion section with your classmates will help you further develop what you want to write about in your papers. Some teaching assistants give you a participation grade based on whether or not you speak up during discussions, so make sure to share your ideas for a better grade.

5. Share your opinions

Some students have a hard time writing papers because they have not formed or do not feel comfortable sharing opinions on the topic at hand. Since the papers in this class focus heavily on creating and supporting your own argument, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Your opinions are valid!

This article mentions a lot about papers, but the grade for this class is almost entirely based on papers. If you end up taking this class, you will gain a ton of critical thinking and paper writing skills. Hopefully this article helped you figure out how to ace AMST 2011 at GWU.


Becca Paul

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