The George Washington University Columbian College of Arts and Sciences requires students to complete a certain amount of general education courses, otherwise known as G-PACs. These courses can bore students, especially when courses have no relation to students’ major areas of study. But depending on the classes you choose, you can end up enjoying your time learning new information. Here are the 5 best classes to fulfill your G-PAC requirements at GWU.

1. Math and Politics (MATH 1007)

To complete your G-PAC requirements, you will need to have taken one G-PAC course in either mathematics or statistics. If you have a hard time when it comes to math, definitely consider taking MATH 1007 with Professor Dwyer. He grades based on effort. As long as you show Professor Dwyer a sufficient level of effort, you will recieve an A in this class.


2. The Sociological Imagination (SOC 1002)

Students also need to have taken one course in Local or Civic Engagement to fulfill the G-PAC requirements. SOC 1002 focuses on real local and global societal issues. Even more important, you will have the opportunity to write and present a testimony at City Council (or in front of the class- your choice) as one of the class assignments. You will love taking a class that presents you with the opportunity to actively participate in bettering the community.


3. Biological Anthropology (ANTH 1001)

The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences G-PAC curriculum also requires two Natural or Physical Science courses with a lab. If subjects like chemistry and physics intimidate you, then you should consider taking ANTH 1001 at GWU. The course content is relatively easy and the labs almost never last the full two hours.


4. Historical Geology (GEOL 1002)

Students should consider taking GEOL 1002, which will also fulfill the science with a lab course requirement. Although a class about rocks seems immensely boring to some students, other students end up finding the course content rather interesting. Perhaps you will come out of the class with an unexpected and newfound interest in geology.


5. Intro to American Literature (ENGL 1510W)

The G-PAC curriculum requires students to complete two writing intensive courses, called WIDs. Professor Soltan makes American Literature an interesting and exciting subject to learn about. You will have a bunch of in-class writing assignments instead of one 10-20 page paper. Many students much prefer this way of going about assignments in a writing intensive course.


Hopefully this blog post helped you out in choosing which classes to take at GWU to fulfill your G-PAC requirements. Remember to forget your fear of trying something new. You never know which class might end up interesting you!




Becca Paul

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