Students not planning to major in Psychology can still take Social Psychology (PSYC 2012) at GWU. Social Psychology focuses on social interactions, making the subject super applicable to everyday life. Some of the subject matter, however, might challenge students. Take a look at these 5 ways to ace PSYC 2012 at GWU:

1. Take the class with Professor Stock

Taking PSYC 2012 at GWU with Professor Stock will ensure that you succeed in this course. Professor Stock explains each concept clearly and her powerpoints make it easy to follow along in class. Even better, tests will not surprise you with trick questions, and you will do well as long as you paid attention in class.


2. Think practically

You can relate to most of the information taught in this course and apply it to your everyday life. When completing short assignments, papers, and tests, try not to let memorization rule you. If you think questions through logically, you will have the ability to figure out the answers.


3. Listen closely instead of writing extensive notes

In this class, it makes more sense to listen to the professor’s lecture instead of frantically writing down detailed notes with long definitions. By simply listening to the information presented in lecture, you will easily grasp the new material. Plus, when it comes to the test, you will easily remember in-class conversations about certain topics.


4. Make flashcards

In PSYC 2012, Professor Stock will hand out study guides with topics to know for tests. Making flashcards based on these study guides will help you memorize the small amount of information in this course that you cannot logically think through. This will ensure that you ace the exams.


5. Do your best

When a course seems easy, a lot of students slack off and check Facebook during class instead of listening and taking notes. Although no one has a perfect attention span, try your best to listen in this class. You will, without a doubt, find the course material interesting.


If you end up enrolling in PSYC 2012 at GWU, try taking these pointers into consideration. It helps to have an inside perspective from a student who experienced the class firsthand. Feel free to pass on insight you’ve gained from this blog post to fellow students!


Becca Paul

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