Keeping your dorm room looking clean can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are ten ways to keep your dorm room looking neater than ever:

1. Make a schedule with your roommates

Nobody wants to be that person who does all of the cleaning in the dorm room. Establishing a schedule with your roommates from day one will ensure that the room stays clean, since someone else cleans the room each day. Plus, this means that you won’t have to clean every single day.


2. Pack light

The more unnecessary items that you bring with you to college, the harder it will be to clean your room. It’s super difficult to clean when you have too many random things taking up space. If anything, you can order necessities you may have forgotten to bring with you after you move in.


3. Store clothing under your bed

When you live in a college dorm, saving space is a big deal, since you already have limited space. Storing your clothes in drawers or bins under your bed will save you so much space, and you will be able to have a room that looks neat and clean.


4. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer

Going along with having nowhere to store your clothes, storing shoes can also be tricky. Buying one of those over-the-door shoe organizers like this one can save you even more space and once again, make your room look super clean.


5. Make sure you have storage bins

When you move into your dorm, you’ll notice that there aren’t many shelves or places to store all of your belongings. Storage bins will definitely help with the organization of your room, since each item will have a proper place. For example, you can buy bins to store books, extra clothes, bedding etc. Your room will look so much nicer with everything put away.


6. Don’t forget a laundry bag or bin

You will not have a laundry machine in your room, so having a laundry bag or bin is a must. This way, you can transport your laundry back and forth. No one needs to live with dirty laundry all over the place! 


7. Keep throwing out your garbage

If you let garbage pile up for weeks, rest assured, bugs or rodents would find your dorm room. Taking out the trash every day before bed will make your room smell so much better, and you won’t have any unwelcomed visitors, which is a definite plus. 

8. Get a desk organizer

Your desk can also end up pretty messy if you leave all of your school supplies out in one big mess. Definitely invest in a desk organizer- it will save you so much time trying to find the stapler or piece of paper that you’re looking for.


9. Find a place to store your books

College students have a lot of books, and textbooks specifically can take up a ton of space. Storing books in a specific corner of the room, maybe on a shelf if you have one, will help your dorm room look much neater.


10. Rotate who buys cleaning supplies

Just like establishing a cleaning schedule with your roommates, establishing a schedule of who buys cleaning supplies is only fair. Many college students are on a tight budget and do not want to be the sole provider of cleaning supplies for the room. Making sure that everyone pitches in is the right thing to do.


Becca Paul

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