Georgetown has lots of great classes. Many of you must be looking for some fun courses every year at Georgetown University. Well…since so many people are interested, I have compliled a list with 10 of the Coolest Classes at Georgetown University.

1. HESY 010- Healthcare in America

Interested in learning about our intricate healthcare system and why nobody seems to know the solution to fixing healthcare? Well, this class is for you! Not only is the professor super passionate, but the details you learn in class are super applicable in the real world. It really is a mind-blowing and one of the best courses I have taken so far!

2. SOCI 125- Death and Dying

This course explores different responses to dying and applies the sociological theory to death and dying. It gives one to explore death from different perspectives and is a very popular class on campus!

3. PHIL 020- Intro to Philosophy

While many intro classes are boring, I found this class an extremely stimulating and thought-provoking class. The material is dense but wow is your mind blown by the end of class! Not an easy class but enlightening for sure.

4. SOCI 126- Sociology and Culture: Beyoncé

If you like the Queen Bee, then this is your class!! No other class will you be able to learn about the most wonderful woman on earth. Seriously, need I say more? This will definitely be a fun class.

5. GOVT 270- Nuclear Weapons in World Politics

With President-elect Donald Trump saying that he will nuke carelessly and with tensions with Russia on a rise, this class explores why we have nuclear weapons and if they can deter conflict and the history of nuclear weapons. Also, the professor himself is super qualified as he has worked on multiple presidential campaigns

6. INAF 276- Holocaust by Bullets

This class presents the Holocaust from a different dimension. There were internment camps, but few know about the Nazi going to Jewish villages and killing the Jews by bullets. It is an eye-opening class and particularly engaging as well!

7. PHIL 180- Philosophy and Star Trek

Bet you never knew that Star Trek is a very philosophical movie! Not only will you get to watch Star Trek in this course, but you also get to learn the philosophy of the course, such as the mind-body problem. I mean what is a person?

8. ENGL 187- Post 9/11 Culture

Since 9/11, much of our culture has changed. This course explores these changes about media and culture. While it is a course that examines these topics critically, it is an easy class.

9. PPOL 499: Race Faith & Politics

With the rise of racial tensions in the United States, this class explores if/how we can bridge this gap between the demographics in the U.S. What is the role of race, faith, and politics in this dilemma that we have and can we changed it?

10. WGST 140: Intro to Women’s/Gender Studies

Interested in the role of women in history and if women and men can ever be on the same level? Well, this is the course for you! It is super comprehensive but a fairly easy course. Bring the inner feminist in you out!


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