Most of you might be looking for some exciting and fun classes to take. Well look no furthur! Here are the 10 Interesting Classes at Georgetown University.

1. SOCI 174 – Food, Culture, and Politics

What a quintessential Georgetown class! We’re known for our cultural and political involvement, so you can bet you’ll be learning a lot. And what’s the best way to learn about other cultures? Eat their food, of course! I’ll bet that the food adds a lighter element to this course, making it extra enjoyable. I’m secretly hoping that you’ll get graded on how good your food is.

2. WGST 239 – Art, Medicine, and Gender

When I heard that this class was at 8am, I might have died a little. But seriously— this has my three favorite things. In Victorian times, they thought that the womb was traveling around the body causing hysteria; this led to the invention of the vibrator because doctor’s hands were getting tired. And really, if that doesn’t peak your interest, I’m not sure what will.

3. BIO 395 – Biology of Sex

This class just makes me imagine applying to medical school with a biology degree and sending my transcripts—I’d kill to see the face of the guy who’s reviewing it. For reals though, this course asks about the evolution of sex and how other animals relate to it—and let’s be real, haven’t we all wondered how chipmunks do the down and dirty, or found a pair of squirrels “wrestling” on our lawn and wondered if they really have to do that here?

4. THEO 162 – Dogs and Theology

One of the bummers of applying to Georgetown is that they require at least two theology courses. What I didn’t consider was the variety of courses offered, and this one is a perfect example. I mean, if I have to read ancient literature about dead guys who weren’t’ really dead…. there better be puppies.

5. THEO 108 – God in the Brain

And some of the theology courses have nothing to do with theology at all! This class is focused on how notions of God affect our brain structure. Because the subject is related to so many things, it fills many requirements, including a second theology course and it counts towards the Cognitive Science minor!

6. JCIV 105 – Blacks and Jews in America

This class is part of Georgetown’s new Center for Jewish Civilization, and it’s just a total testament to Georgetown’s commitment to discourse and critical thinking. I mean, I’ve been to Crown Heights, and I’ve always wondered why there was such an incredible divide between the two communities. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this class!

7. LING 343 – Women, Men, and Language

Real talk: I have the way I talk. I have that Jersey girl upswing and that “I’m trying to be cute but really I hate you” tone all the time. It’s a little frustrating—but would the way that I speak be less annoying if I were a man? I’m considering taking this course to find out.

8. GERM 043 – Witches in History, Myth, and Fiction

Why this class is in the German Department is completely beyond me, but so is an explanation for the question posed in the class—why have stories of witches persisted throughout the centuries? If you’re planning on being some variant of a witch for Halloween, you should take this class and get educated about the history of what you’re representing. And hey, requirements… it fulfills HALC, and I don’t know about you, but a class about witches looks like an easy A to me.

9. CLSS 217 – Greek Sexuality

If you’ve ever wondered what’s up with all the naked statues of Greek Gods at the Metropolitan or Smithsonian or [insert regional equivalent here], here’s your chance to find out. How did Greeks think of sexuality—what did it mean to them? I think we can guess by the paintings…. but you can take this class to find out!

10. PBIO 521 – Assessing Evidence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Ever had a friend hooked on acupuncture, or taking some weird vitamin you’ve never heard of? Are you frustrated by the people who equate drinking orange juice with “apples cure cancer?” Take this class to figure out how not argue instead of slamming your computer screen in anger! And hey, the workload should be pretty light—all you have to do is write one paper!


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