Georgetown University campus

Every year, students look for courses to improve or boost their GPA. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Georgetown University!

1. ENGL 270 – Disability Studies

This interesting class focuses on the definition of disability while also looking the depiction of disability in media such as “Glee” and in “House”. A super straightforward class that requires weekly reading about an intriguing topic!

2. THEO 001 – Problem of God

This class is a toss-up. If you get one of the easier Problem of God (POG) teachers, then you’ll find yourself loving the class. However, the “harder” POG teachers are just as good just more reading and you might even switch your major/minor because of those teachers!

3. PSYC 001 – Intro to Psychology

If you take Merritt for this class, then you are in luck! While the other professors are not as bad, Merritt is known to make his class very enjoyable and allows you to drop the lowest test grade!


4. SOCI 001 – Intro to Sociology

Can’t go wrong with any of the professors, but there’s a rumor on campus that Stiles is one of the best professors for this class. Very clear instructions and the reading isn’t half bad either, which is always a win.

5. WRIT 015 – Writing and Culture

For those who didn’t test out of this class using credit, don’t worry these professors are great. Especially Niles! He has a 5.0 on Yes, a 5 out of 5! People have nothing but good things to say about him and the class and about the little work that comes with the class.

6. HESY 010 – Healthcare in America

While this class is two and a half hours long, it is only once a week. But you will learn so much and the professor is a very charismatic guy and takes time after class to speak to everybody (one time he stayed behind an hour after class ended to talk to people)! Just three papers and mandatory attendance (remember once a week though).

7. HSCI 100 – Language of Health and Disease

Much easier than Human Bio (the course Pre-Med students have to take), this class just involves listening to lectures and an easy presentation that will boost up your grade. The only effort one needs to expend is when studying for those tests, which is pure memorization.

8. ECON 001 – Intro to Microeconomics

A very straightforward class where the professor gives you about 10 bonus questions! 10! The tests are very short and multiple choice, which is great for economics. Attendance is optional and so are the recitations. Read the textbook, which is an easy read, and you’ll do great.

9. HEST 001 – Colloquium

One of the perks of being in the School of Nursing and Health Studies (NHS), you are placed in a colloquium class of only 16 students all in the NHS. Only one credit and is pass/fail. If you pick a good one, then you’ll find yourself with two loving professors who give you Fitbit and invite you over for some delicious homecooked meals!

10. WGST 140 – Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies

Heard nothing but great things about this course. While many professors teach it, all of them are phenomenal. Plus, this subject revolves around an interesting topic. Demand for this class is high, so put it high up on your registration list!


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