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1. Prestige

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, shall we? Georgetown is swanky af. We were ranked #20 by U.S. news. Suffice to say, say you go here, and people know you’re smart. It makes for useful name-dropping for those derpy moments.

2. Professors

A lot of super cool people teach here– Madeline Albright, of course, being the famous example. Everyone is amazingly brilliant and awesome at teaching, and since class sizes are so small, it’s easy to get to know any professors one-on-one if you want.

3. Location

Technically, we’re in D.C., and if you go out the main gates you can walk right over to the monuments. D.C. is one of those cities where you never run out of things to see. We’re also in a residential area with no direct subway stops, so I’ve always felt comfortable walking alone at night.

4. Neighbors

Need to borrow a cup of sugar, sugar? You might be knocking on John Kerry’s door—he lives right off campus (apparently he walks his dog at night). A lot of important people live around here, but you definitely shouldn’t go trying to find them…… or should you?

5. Beautiful

Tours take everyone to the top of Village A where you can see the Potomac, but they don’t run during the sunset. Also, our buildings were built in the 18th century—that doesn’t mean much for functionality, but they sure are gorgeous.

6. Culture

Let’s get real personal for a minute. I was between Georgetown and Hopkins, before Hopkins made that decision really easy for me, if you get what I mean. I was pissed because I wanted the work-hard-don’t-play attitude Hopkins came with, but like, I was wrong. It’s so nice to be able to text people asking for help with your homework. Or to sleep. Sleep is good.

7. People are good-looking

Hot damn. Everyone is ridiculous attractive. Eveyrone. The people who work at the dining hall are attractive. I don’t understand how it’s possible to have so many attractive and brilliant people in one place. Guys wear business casual, just because? I’ve never seen anyone come to class in sweatpants. Eye candy. Eye candy everywhere.

8. That club life

One of the perks of not having sororities and fraternities is that parties are thrown by clubs instead, so you’re drinking hanging out with people you actually have something in common with. It doesn’t have to be super academic, either—there’s a club for everyone.

9. Religious, Spiritual Culture / Jesuit Values

I used to hate the phrase “Jesuit values,” but it totally deserves a spot on this list. It’s basically the universities way of telling you to be a decent human being, so it’s not something too many people would disagree with. And while you’re never forced to practice religion, the university makes sure those doors are always open for you. I went to a Pujah my first week—the food was amazing.

10. Politics

I asked a girl to explain the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to me once and promptly got a 2-hour lecture, at which point she reached World War I and I had to ask her to please fast-forward. I’m not into politics—I’m majoring in something math/science-y, I think—but I can’t be here and not learn something in the process. It makes me feel ready to go to a dinner party….. or something.


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