Georgetown University has over 5000 students! Everyday you will meet someone new! Here are 10 Types of People that You Meet at Georgetown University!

1. The boujee one

Usually can be found wearing high-end items with that swagger walk. Can also be found shopping on M Street like it is a hobby for them. Probably lives in Burleith. Might come back from shopping one day accidentally spending an excessive amount on clothes.

2. The international kid

Can be found speaking their home language with other people that are from their hometown. Travels in packs. Nice people but a bit intimidating because they’re always speaking in a different language than English. Professors love them. You usually walk past their conversations in another language looking like this:

3. The one who doesn’t care

Here at Georgetown, it is the unspoken rule that sweatpants are not allowed on campus. Well, this kid does not care this rule or any rule regarding fashion. Cares about academics a bit more but not too much. Can be found chilling in their room watching Netflix most of the time.

4. The one who has their life together (aka anybody wearing workout clothes)

Another unspoken rule is that if you wear gym attire, then people will most likely assume that you have your life together because it looks like you have the time and desire and effort to walk up the Yates stairs and exercise. To be honest, they’re my role models.

5. The one who is involved in EVERYTHING

Might be someone you’re sitting next to class or in your dorm or sitting across from you in Leo’s but this person is involved in every single club on campus (and yes including the clubs that are very hard to get into, e.g. Hilltop Consultants) or they are super involved in one club and holds so much power (e.g. being the head of CAB). Anyways, be aware and you might want to befriend this person.

6. The one who is secretly successful and you don’t find out till you check out their LinkedIn

Everybody here looks the same, but oh boy once I checked out my friend’s LinkedIn profiles did I find out how wildly successful my classmates are. So if you are ever lacking motivation, I highly suggest (not creepily) checking out your friend’s LinkedIn profiles, but you might look this when you see their profiles:

7. The one(s) who try to keep the class Groupme chats alive but fail

Ah, we all know these people. The ones who keep posting in the Groupme chats that were formed over the summer, when nobody knew anybody at Georgetown and still try to keep the Groupme going. Gotta give it to them for their persistent effort and determination.

8. Lily Pulitzer and Mr. Vineyard Vines

You can also call them Mr. and Ms. Georgetown, but both names work. These people can be found looking fit and having well defined muscles. They’re eyebrows and hair are sleek and perfect. Most likely wearing preppy clothes but also rocking them. Love them or hate them, they are the epitome of a Georgetown student. Heck, I’m already shook just talking about them.

Ms. Lily Pulitzer/Ms. Georgetown 

Mr. Vineyard Vines/Mr. Georgetown

9. The Pre-Meds

Most likely can be found in Lau/St.Mary’s/Regents/or any library or study space on campus. Trying to pass their biology and chemistry classes, pre-med students do their best to not fall behind and usually try to get a reasonable amount of sleep even though they know they have already lost that battle. It’s okay though because they usually have a supportive group of friends that keep them going or suffer through the pre-med track with them.

10. The one who refuses to go to Leo’s

Let’s admit it, every Georgetown student is this student, except on Tuesdays (Taco Tuesday), Thursday (Chicken Finger Thursday), and Sunday (BRUNCH!!!!). Every other day, we all want to go to Wisey’s, Wingos, or any place on M street. Flex and debit dollars are usually depleted by the first month, but we just ignore that fact and slyly add more money into our GOCARD’s hoping that our parents do not find out.


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