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Restaurants & Cafes at or near Georgia Tech

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Nazia Jabeen

Grabbing food within the campus is the most convenient thing for students which a university can provide. Georgia Institute of Technology takes care of the basic needs for the students with accessible food points around the campus. There are various options for the students to try with variety when they are feeling hungry. The campus provides unlimited restaurants and cafes which they can try out without even stepping out of the university.

1. Brittain Community Restaurant

The building of Brittain community restaurant at university

This restaurant is a perfect dining place for the students to hang out and spend a good time with amazing food. It is affordable for the students along with various cuisines which you may like. The restaurant location is at the East campus of the university with providing fast food, full meals, and tea items.

2. Bhojanic

Dining area of Bhojanic restaurant

Bhojanic is an Indian cuisine restaurant for the students who want to try the eastern side of the food. As there is diversity in the university, there is a huge population of Indian students. Most of the times, you will find Indian community there because they miss their country food. The cost of the food is reasonable for the students to afford along with delicious meals. The location of this restaurant is near the student center on the second floor on the campus.

3. Blue Donkey Coffee

Counter board of Blue Donkey Coffee

This café is one of the favorite coffee place for the students in the university. The location of Blue Donkey Coffee is at Student Centre on first floor. It is open on all the weekdays and closed on weekends. Students start their day off with a fresh and delightful aroma of coffee at this place.

4. Ray’s Express

The counter board of Ray’s Express

If you wish to have pizza within the university boundary, then this is your place. Also, there are variety of flavors you can choose from when you are at Ray’s Express. The location is at the student centre second floor. You can visit their anytime during weekdays to enjoy the pizza meals with your friends.

5. Ferst Place

Serving of buffet at Ferst Place Restaurant

If you want to have full meals at the campus then is the place for you. You can have Italian, Mexican and American food at this place with a variety of dishes for you to enjoy.

6. Far East Fusion

Counter of Far East Fusion at Dining Area Student Centre

This restaurant is on the second floor of the student center by providing Asian cuisine for the students. Also, there is sushi, stir-fry dishes, noodles, and many other meals to enjoy to get the eastern flavor of the food.

7. H2O Café

Students purchasing food items from H2O counter

The location of this café is at the recreation center on campus. You will be able to get fast food items and refreshing drinks at a reasonable cost. Besides that, students enjoy the view of the recreation pool from this restaurant while having their favorite meals.

Any food which they wish to eat whether it is a full meal or fast food, they will be able to find it on the campus. Even though there are college cafes and restaurants near campus as well, but these are all the ones which you will be able to find within campus boundary.


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