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How to Take Care of your Mental Health at Georgia Tech

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College will give you some of the best and worst days of your life! Here are some tips to keep you happy (or at least content) through it all!

1. Forget about high school (If it’s worth forgetting)

If you consider high school to be a negative time period for yourself, let go of it! Now is your chance to start fresh with literally everything in your life. There’s nothing stopping you from forgetting about everything and everyone that had to do with high school. But if high school was great, there’s nothing wrong with holding on to those experiences.


2. Clean out your “friend” closet

Friends who are anything but positive additions to your life have got to go when you head off to college. Like I said above, now is the perfect time to get rid of the negativity that’s been holding you back.


3. Make new friends

Whether you’re staying close to your buddies from high school or starting on a clean slate, make new friends. Add positive vibers to your circle, and let those people bring joy into your life! These are the people you’ll need when college gets tough.


4. Don’t overload your schedule, but keep yourself busy

Don’t take 18 credits your first semester, and think twice about joining 10 clubs and working 25 hours a week. You’re asking to be overwhelmed and stressed when those things start to clash. Allow yourself time to be productive and busy every day, but not overwhelmed. You should never be bored, but you should still have that essential free-time to reboost.


5. Wake up early!!!

This goes along with going to bed at a decent time. Get a solid night’s sleep, and learn how to be a morning person. Getting out of bed is the hardest part, but you’ll feel good once you stop lying in bed until noon every day. Those habits will only make life worse as you struggle to keep your mental state positive.


6. Eat well, feel well

Eat what makes you feel god before and after you eat it! It feels good coming in, helps keep you energized and happy! Don’t stress about the calories, just be mindful that you’re consuming some healthy foods in addition to the extra yummy ones.


7. Exercise!!

This doesn’t mean dragging yourself to the gym for an agonizing hour on the elliptical. Find a workout that fuels your energy and makes you happy! Whether its yoga, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, or weight lifting- get moving every day. Your body will thank you for taking care of it.


8. Don’t take naps

No matter how tempting- don’t take naps when you should be doing something else. You won’t feel better afterwards. Naps might not always be a bad thing, but they can create crankiness and drowsiness-which contribute to worsening mental health all around.


9. Take advantage of the people who are there to help you

Every college should have a resource and counseling center. This is a time in your life where you don’t have to worry about what insurance will cover in terms of your mental health. If you’re feeling unusually anxious, depressed, or just not like yourself- there are people on campus whose sole purpose at the school is to help you. There’s absolutely no reason not to visit these resources, they’re a great safe place for you to seek help or just to talk.


10. Call Mom & Dad

Putting aside some time to talk to the people who have loved you through it all will really make a difference. Also, it probably helps with their mental health too.


11. Don’t forget to have fun!!

Do things that put a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter what that is as long as it can take the stress away and add positivity to your day.


12. Be honest about your mental health to yourself and others

Don’t try to burry your emotions, or pretend they aren’t there. Listen to what your body is telling you; physically and mentally. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not- and you should be taking care of it, or getting help!


13. Understand that attitude is (almost) everything

Having a simple, positive attitude can make a world’s difference in how something affects you. Try to go into everything with an open mind, and try to see some benefit in all that college brings to the table. However, if you’re still feeling down no matter how “positive” you try to be, it might be time to ask for help.



College is a time where it is all about YOU. You’re not paying thousands of dollars a year to make sure everyone around you is happy. Do things that benefit YOUR life, and as long as they aren’t bringing other people down, don’t worry about how it affects others. This is the time to invest in your life now and your future.


15. Remember that mental health is still a part of being healthy!

As you’ve probably heard before, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. There are doctors that specialize in this legitimate field of medicine. Don’t fall into the stigma that sometimes surrounds these issues. YOU matter, and your mind matters too.


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