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Top 10 Clubs at the Georgia Tech

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Drew Pierce
A great way to meet new people at school is by joining a club or two. This will also you to maintain a healthy social life on campus.  Here are the top 10 clubs offered at the Georgia Institute of Technology!

1. Golf Club

If you love to golf, but you have no desire to be on the NCAA team, the Golf Club is the club for you. You will play rounds of golf for fun with your friends. This allows you to improve your game without intense pressure. a ball next to the hole

2. Meditation Club

A great way to relax on campus is by joining the Meditation Club. You will learn basic meditation and how you can be one with the earth. This is a great way to get away from the stresses of a classroom. A woman meditating

3. Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association is an underrated and important club on campus. This club focuses on the relationship between the alumni and the student body. If you join this group, you will be able to meet with alum and work with them closely. Group of students

4. The Campus Kitchen Project

The Campus Kitchen Project is a great nonprofit that helps the community. You will be able to help the community while eliminating wasteful eating on campus. This will give you a sense of community while on campus. The Campus Kitchen Project logo

5. Young Americans for Liberty

The Young Americans for Liberty group is a great way to show your patriotism on campus. You will listen to guest speakers and attend nationwide events. This is a popular club for any student of any ideology. The YAL logo

6. Humans Vs Zombies

A super unique club that you can join is Humans Vs Zombies. This club plays giant games of tag that stretches across the entire campus. As the name implies, the humans are playing against the zombies to see who reigns supreme. Students playing the game

7. Ultimate Frisbee Club

A great way to stay in shape is by playing ultimate frisbee. There is both a men's and women's group that play on campus. If you join either of these groups, you will be fit while having fun with your friends. A girl playing ultimate

8. For The Kids

For The Kids is a group that does what the name implies. The organization works with kids with babysitting, tutoring, and other resources. You will quickly gain a passion for working with kids with this group. For the Kids

9. College Republicans

If you are a Republican, you need to join College Republicans. This group holds campus events to spread a conservative and open-minded message to whoever will listen. This is a great group if you share those ideas. A guest speaker speaking

10. Climbing Club

The Climbing Club is another perfect way to stay fit on campus. Under guiding, you will learn to rock climb while having fun with your friends. This is the perfect option for anyone! A person climbing All of these clubs are great for you to join in order to get new friends and stay involved. You will be able to have a strong social life if you join these groups. Check all of these clubs out at the Georgia Institute of Technology!

Top Events During the School Year at GT

1. RecFest 2018

This event, RecFest 2018 is the perfect place to get used to the rec center on campus. You will get free food and shirts with your friends. Georgia tech rec fest

2. Managing Your Time Effectively

Managing Your Time Effectively is a workshop that all freshmen should take. You will learn to manage all your time and classwork efficiently. Time management

3. Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition Workshops is a great way to manage your eating while on campus. This workshop will be very influential for the rest of your life. Nutrition

4. Event Policy Primer

The Event Policy Primer is an introductory event that goes over a lot of campus rules. This information might save you one day. Policy

5. Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad 101 is an event series that takes place to inform students about study abroad. This series might open some new doors for you. Study abroad


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