1. Rec Center and SWEAT

GVSU’s recently renovated high quality rec center is a gym rat’s dream. Located in the Fieldhouse along with the Laker basketball arena and pool, Grand Valley’s recreation center is equipped with three levels of activities. The bottom level is the weight floor; so you can lift, bro, along with another indoor basketball court. The second is a cardio floor with ellipticals, treadmills, and various other machines galore. The highest level is an indoor track. Students can also purchase a rec center workout class pass, which enables you to attend any class (kickboxing, yoga, cycling) for a flat $30 a semester. Open everyday 6-12AM, so no excuses.

2. Kirkhof movie and ENJOY THE SHOW

In the Kirkhof center, a central building of campus dining and activities at GVSU, you will find a big screen at the corner of the building’s main level. Complete with movie theatre chairs and high top tables for multitasking, the big-screen theatre in kirkhof is a fun alternative to sitting in your dorm. And, like most things on campus, its free to students. There’s a new recent release film playing every week. Showings are everyday at 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 9pm.

3. Get together and BALL


If you’re not on a GVSU varsity athletic team, you can always partake in intramural sports. Open for both men and women, everything from dodgeball to tennis is available as an organized intramural team. Others include volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc. If you don’t want to have the commitment of a team, the indoor and outdoor courts do have open times for your leisure.

4. Picnic and EAT

Grand Valley’s campus is known for being well kept and gorgeous, in good weather of course. If it’s a nice fall or spring day, go ahead and take your meal outside and chat with friends on a cute blanket. Pack a basket and cute blanket for a sweet date.

5. Watch a game and CHEER


Got school spirit? Cheer on the Lakers at a football game! Or any other sport of your preference. Anchor up!

6. Student Theatergoing. GO!

Check out what the theatre and music department have coming up. Tickets are discounted for students, and you can applaud some Laker talent!

7. Rock climbing and CLIMB (duh)


Did I mention the rec center has a rock climbing wall? Oh, well here it is.


Everybody’s doing it. I don’t know why so many people do this, but hey, it looks fun. Wear your snapback and tie-dye shirt while you’re at it. Don’t forget to decorate your board with pretty stickers, too; that’s important.

9……Or just go on a bike ride, and YEAH! BIKE! Or even TAKE A WALK!


Because, once again, Grand Valley State’s campus is gorgeous. 

10. Play campus-wide HIDE and SEEK

Don’t tell me this doesn’t sound fun.

11. Study and use OneClass



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