Move in day at GVSU. Overwhelming? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Emotional? A bit. Move in day can feel like a whirlwind if you don’t know what to expect. Thankfully, Grand Valley is very organized when the day comes, which can alleviate some stress put on you and your family. From my experience, here are five things you can expect to see or experience on move in day.

1. You are not guaranteed to move in the same day as all of your friends.

This is because Grand Valley separates move in dates based off of which building you will be living in. Although this seems like a downfall, you will be thankful that not everyone is moving in the same day. This tactic is used by Grand Valley so that the campus is not flooding with cars crammed in every direction. It actually makes moving in a lot simpler. You’ll see your friends in a few days!!

2. You’ll meet your RA!

Before I was able to move all of my items into my room, I had to pick up my key and fill out emergency forms from the RA. They normally are waiting for everyone near the main entrance or the lobby of your building. Don’t be afraid to say hi and spark a conversation! RAs are specifically there for you, in every aspect. They want to be your friend! It’s a good idea to initiate a relationship with them sooner rather than later!

3. You’ll have a building meeting. 

For most buildings, the RAs will gather everyone for a generic meeting later on in the day. The main idea of this is for them to be able to introduce themselves, let you know of any upcoming events, and discuss important housing rules. This can sound boring, but go to it!! They give out important information and this is your first big chance to introduce yourself to the people that you will be living next to for the next 8 months. This meeting also allows you to “feel out” your RA and be able to determine how they plan to control the loud and crazy party animals in your building. (Hopefully not you!)

4. At some point, you will realize that you have either over packed or under packed. 

Surprisingly for me, I under packed. Either way, this shouldn’t be much of a problem because labor day weekend is right around the corner! I was able to go home and come back with a lot more clothes and other things to fill up and decorate my room.

Don’t forget to say your goodbyes!

5. Everyone wants to help you! 

Grand Valley provides upperclassmen during move in week in order to help guide you and your family around, along with assisting move in. Don’t be afraid to accept help if you need it, especially from your family! They want to help you one last time before they set you loose and let you become your own person. Don’t forget to say your “thank you”s and “love you”s!!

I hope this list has helped you feel more comfortable and excited about your upcoming move in day! Good luck!!


Hayley Bryce

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