A New Year’s Resolution has been a tradition amoung people for as long as time can tell. However, many of these resolutions are never carried out until the end. What New Year’s resolutions did you make this year and already break?

1. Eating Healthy

On January 1st you thought “New Year new me” right? So you made the goal to eat healthy. Things were going pretty good then you walked into Kliener and saw that the Laker Bowl on the menu. You just can’t resist the mix 0of mashed potates, corn, gravy and cheese topped with chicken. You give in and get the laker bowl and there goes your New Year’s resolution. Not to mention late night visits are hard to pass up.


2. Going to the Rec

New year new me that was your mind set coming back to school. You promised yourself you were going to go to the Rec everyday. You were going strong and you were being committed to your resolution. One day you came back from class put on your work out clothes and fall asleep. You wake up from your nap and lost all motivation. You skip going to the Rec one day and that one day turns into multiple days and just like that your resolution is over.


3. Being Organized

You vowed that when you came back to school you would be completely organized at all times. This resolution did not last nearly as long as all the others. You came back from class on the first day and threw all your books, folders and notebooks all over your desk. The next thing you knew you had no idea where anything was.


4. Going to Class

You vowed that you wouldn’t miss a single class this semester. When your alarm starts going off at 7:15 to wake you up for your 8am you hit snooze twice. You can’t bare to leave your warm bed and trudge through the ankle deep snow to your 8am chem lab. Three weeks into the semester and you have already broken your resolution to not skip class.


5. Procrastination

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t wait until the last minute to write your papers. You made the resolution that you were going to go to the library to get things done in a timely manner this semester. You go to Mary Idema Pew library only to find no spots. You accept defeat and go back to your dorm and put off your paper. The night before its due you remember you had to write that paper and you are back on the procrastination bus all over again.

New Year’s resolutions require hard work and dedication to keep. Being a student at Grand Valley just makes them even harder to keep. There are so many temptations on campus that makes keeping resolutions hard.



Brigitte Ann Brault

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