It’s four weeks into the new semester and you have a lot to accomplish in such a short time. You need to find some place where you get a lot done with out a lot of distractions. There are so many places on campus where you can be productive with your friends and by yourself.  Grand Valley‘s campus offers so many study places, let’s check them out.

Einstein Bros Bagels

Einstein’s offers the perfect environment for studying. You walk in and are greeted by the aroma of bagels and coffee. There are comfy seats next to the fireplace or a high top window seat if you prefer that. If you get a little hungry will studying then order a bagel, or a salad. Feeling a little tired order a chai latte or a white chocolate mocha. Einstein’s is the perfect environment and has all the studying necessities.



Starbucks may be a little busy but, if you are lucky enough to get a table in that area you have a perfect spot to study. Study alone or grab a friend. The tables along the windows offer a great view of campus. You can see all the activity and buzz of other students outside. Just like with Einstein’s Starbucks also offers coffee to keep you awake. Another benefit of studying here is that, which it just steps away. You can get yourself lunch while you are working. This is a perfect spot for getting work done.


Mary Idema Pew Library

Grand Valley has a beautiful four story library students should definitely take advantage of. There are so many studying spots within the library. If you get a group of friends you can reserve your own private room and work in there with out the other distractions in the library. Along with the private rooms, the library has little study nooks throughout the building. If you get a window seat the view is amazing. In the library this is also the knowledge market and writing center where you can go to get help on your homework. The library has many amazing features to help you get things accomplished.


Dorm Study Rooms

Is your roommate driving you crazy blasting their music. Most dorms at Grand Valley have special rooms made for studying. Pack up your back pack and head into one of these rooms to get all your work accomplished. These study rooms even have white boards so you can see your study guide written out in a different form. Escape from your roommate and check out the study room in your building.


Grand Valley offers so many amazing study areas.  If you have a lot to accomplish pack up your school stuff and try out one of these spots on campus. Grab a friend or go solo. In these many study areas you will be able to get all your work done with out distractions. Grand Valley  has many studying areas, you will definitely be able to accomplish a lot and may even get a meal out of it.


Brigitte Ann Brault

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