As a movement science student you are required to take BMS 105. BMS 105 is the code for basic nutrition. In basic nutrition you will learn a lot more than just how to eat healthy. You learn the effects of not eating healthy, you learn just how much of certain things you should eat. This is a very interesting class and it would be a good class to take even if you weren’t a movement science student.

1. The effects of a non-nutritious diet.

Having a nutritious diet is a very important part of your everyday life. However many people do not eat all the required nutrients needed everyday. Some people try to fulfill their nutrients needs by taking supplements but, that does not work. This basic nutrition class teaches you all the consequences of having a non-nutritious diet.


2. Things that contribute to a nutritious diet.

Do you want to know how to eat healthy? Grand Valley has the perfect class called basic nutrition. This class teaches you what it takes to eat a nutritious diet. There are so many things that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and diet. It teaches you what nutrients you need and how much you should be consuming everyday.


3. Understanding Nutrition Quackery.

There are so many studies out there saying things like “If you eat this then your risk of this will decrease”. How do you know if what you are hearing about nutrition is the truth? This basic nutrition class teaches you how you can recognize false nutrition info. This class also teaches you how to find legitimate nutrition information. If you want to be informed about nutrition then this class would help you.


4.What are the main nutrients.

In this basic nutrition class at Grand Valley it teaches you what the main nutrients are. There are six main nutrients. Three of them are energy yielding and three of them are not. However, all six of these nutrients are important and are needed to survive healthy.


5. Healthy intake percentages for nutrients.

In basic nutrition you learn about the key nutrients but you also learn about just how much of these nutrients you need everyday. If you don’t consume enough of the essential nutrients then you will have a deficiency. You also have to make sure you don’t consume too much because then your body will have an excess. You have to make sure you don’t consume too much or too little, you need the perfect amount.


Basic nutrition is a very interesting class for anyone that eats food. This class is not just for movement science majors. This class provides a lot of important information that you can use in your daily life. It also provides a lot very interesting facts.



Brigitte Ann Brault

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