Going to college can be a huge transition for many people. Students are worried about classes and making new friends. Getting involved on your campus can be very important to the success of a new college student. Grand Valley makes it easy and provides a lot of opportunities for new students to get involved on campus.

1. Greek Life

With over nine sororities and over ten fraternities you should find the perfect fit for you. The greek life has two times a year you can rush. One at the beginning of the Fall semester and one at the beginning of the winter semester. If you are interested in being apart of greek life attend campus life night. At the start of every year Grand Valley puts on a campus life night where you can meet and get to know all the frats and sororities. You should be able to find the perfect fit for you if you are interested in greek life.

2. Club Sports

Club sports is another way students can get involved on Grand Valley‘s campus. Grand Valley offers over 40 club sports for their students. Some are strictly men and some are strictly women but there are also co-ed teams as well. Some are extremley competitive like the women’s softball team who are ranked 4th in the nation. Some are not as competive like the table tennis team. If you like being a part of a team check out all the club sports GVSU hs to offer.

3. Intramural Sports

Love being apart of team but not looking for something super competitive? Grand Valley offers many intramural sports you can play on. You can just play on one team or you can play on multiple. Like playing basketball? Play on the co-ed intramural basketball team. This is a sure way you can have fun and make new friends.

4. Clubs

Not interested in sports or Greek Life? Grand Valley has the solution for that. Grand Valley has over 400 clubs you could be apart of.  At the beginning of the Fall and now Winter semester, Grand Valley puts on a campus life night. On these days over 400 clubs set up tables and you can talk to them to figure out which ones interest you. Are you a biology major? Grand Valley has a biology club you could check into and be apart of that. Being a part of a club will help you get involved on Grand Valley‘s campus.

Grand Valley‘s campus offers so many way for students to get involved on campus. If you like being a part of a team try a club or intramural sport team. Playing sports is an esay way to make life long friends because you have something in common. If you are not a sports persons try joing a club that goes with you major. Get involved at GVSU today!


Brigitte Ann Brault

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