The iconic living area for first-year students, “Freshman Land” has long been known to house GVSU’s freshmen population. For incoming freshmen, new living situations may be scary. You are living in a new area, surrounded by new people. If you are living on campus, you will most likely be living in “Freshman Land”. Here are some things to expect your first year on campus!

It will be LOUD

During the day, throughout the night, and pretty much at all hours. If you are living in the dorms, you can expect it to be noisy. People may be coming back in the middle of the night drunk or playing loud music, and sometimes you just have to suck it up and put a pillow over your head. Quiet hours are supposed to be after 10 pm on weekdays, but that isn’t always enforced. No one wants to be the person complaining to the RA all the time and ratting people out, so it’s just something you will have to get used to.


You will Meet Lots of New People

Living in Freshman Land also gives you the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people. You will run into people all the time around your building, so it would definitely make things a little less awkward if you get to know each other. It helps a lot to keep your door open during the day because people walking by will pop their heads in and say hey.


It’s a Short Walk To Everything

Freshman Land is right on the North end of campus, close to everything, such as the Recreation Center, the Fieldhouse, the Ravines, and the Student Success Center. It is also a short walk to all the class buildings, with the South end of campus only being 20 minutes away, which is the farthest you would have to walk. Living on-campus is so nice in the mornings because you can wake up 15 minutes before your class starts and still make it on time (not that I recommend doing that).


You Will Never Go Hungry

Kleiner is right in the middle of Freshman Land, so you will never have to walk very far for food. Kleiner has lots of options, as well as the POD Store. The POD Store is open 24 hours a day, every day. It is like a little grocery store that you can use your dining dollars in. You can also use your extra meals there, so you aren’t wasting any. The best part about Kleiner is Late Night, which occurs every night from 10pm-12am. Late Night has 3-4 options of yummy snacks every night, such as brownie sundae, mozzarella sticks, nachos, wings, cookie sundae, french toast sticks, and bosco sticks.


Living in the Dorms Sucks Sometimes

Living with another human can be difficult sometimes, especially in a small room. The dorms in Freshman Land also have no air conditioning, which can make the hot days miserable. There are also rules about what you can and can’t have in your room. You can’t have a toaster in your room, and there are regulations about the size and power of your microwave and mini-fridge. Although Dorm living isn’t super fancy and fun, Grand Valley’s dorms are so nice compared to other schools.


Living in Freshman Land has its ups and downs, but altogether it’s a great way to live on campus and meet new people. As a freshman, it’s important to create connections on campus and make new friends, as the people you meet in college may well become your lifelong friends.




Gabby Driessnack

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