Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help, especially if you don’t know where to find it. Everyone struggles in their classes, and there are many ways Grand Valley provides academic assistance to students. Other than asking a friend/classmate or using the internet, here are some ways you can get help in your classes at Grand Valley.

1. Get a Tutor

Requesting a tutor is so easy, and you can do it online. If you go to “ “, and click on “Request a Tutor”, all you have to do is fill out information such as what class you need a tutor for and what times you can meet with them. Tutoring is typically once a week for 50 minutes. Meeting with another student that has taken the class already can give you a leg up in the class, and you can always ask for tips and advice!


2. Visit Office Hours

Your professors are here to help you! If you want direct help from them, go to your professor’s office hours. Usually, they post them in the syllabus or tell you when and where they are on the first day of class, but if you don’t know, just ask. If you are nervous to ask questions in person, you can always email them, but it may take them a few days to respond. Also, it is nicer to meet in person because they will be able to explain things much better than they would be able to in an email.


3. TRiO Student Support Services

TRiO Student Support Services is like coaching, counseling, and advising all in one. It is for students that are first-generations in college or have a limited income. This can provide extra support and encouragement for students that need it. To schedule an appointment, visit “” and choose either the Allendale or Pew Campus.


4. Student Academic Success Center Advising

Every student has an advisor assigned to them. If you are in a program, you will have a specific advisor for your program. If you are unsure about your major, you can still make an appointment with an advisor. You can do an appointment over the phone, in the Student Services Building, or in North C Living Center. Advisors help you pick the correct classes for your major, look at different major options with you, and handle scheduling.


5. Success Coaching

This is a great way to learn strategies to do well in your classes, as well as future classes. Academic Coaches do not help schedule classes, but instead help you build academic proficiency. They teach you multiple ways to study and work with you to find the learning style that is best for you.


There are so many ways to get professional help with your classes, or just make sure you are on track. College classes are HARD. Your professors understand that, as well. It is totally okay to ask for help, you just have to seek it out. Grand Valley‘s staff are amazing and they love to help students, so decide which option is best for you and raise those grades!


Gabby Driessnack

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