On tours they describe it as the largest academic building on campus, but honestly there is no preparation for what goes on in Mackinac Hall the first day of classes, or any day actually. Mackinac can be overwhelming to say the least, but don’t worry, everyone else is thinking the same thing.

1. Where’s this wing?

Mackinac hall has 4 wings, A, B, C, and D. Trying to get from one to another can seem nearly impossible. The maps barely help and you end up wandering around the building through every wing except the one you’re looking for.


2. OMG you know them

Walking through Mackinac usually means running into at least one person you know. Are they gonna recognize you? Should you make eye contact? Then they end up looking at you and you just awkwardly wave and feel stupid.


3. Wait there’s a store in here?

You’re wandering around Mackinac hall and randomly pass a store that YOU NEVER KNEW WAS THERE. Then, you have no clue where it was and don’t know how to get back to it, but it’s nice to know it was there. 


4. Are you walking in circles?

Mackinac has so many hallways and turns, so sometimes you recognize something and realize you’ve walked past it 5 times already. We’ve all been there, it happens to the best of us.


5. Which exit do you take?

There’s pretty much an exit every 10 steps you take, but you never really know where each exit is going to spit you out, so you just pick one and try to figure out where you are outside.


6. So many people

Mackinac is busy, all the time. There is a constant swarm of people going to and from class all the time. It’s like getting sucked into a river of college students. 


7. No one knows how to walk

People stopping in the middle of the hallway, walking in all sorts of directions, or walking so slowly you can barely tell they’re moving. You’re just trying to get to class and it’s the most annoying thing ever.


8. Where tf is my class?

The numbers on the doors are basically a different language. You see the number on your schedule, but the room is nowhere to be found. Then you’re late for the class you can’t even find and start to doubt if it even exists.


9. Class is over, time to run

You know its gonna be a madhouse out there after class gets out, so you just try to leave as soon as possible before you get trampled.


10. You’re pretty sure this is a maze

Some days, you’re convinced Grand Valley built Mackinac as a maze and is just screwing with us. Honestly, the people in there probably run around like rats in a maze anyways. That building has more rooms, doors, hallways, and exits than any other building combined.


Although Mackinac is one of the most well-known building because there are so many classes there, it is also definitely the most confusing building to navigate. After 4 years of going to Grand Valley, you still may not know how to get around there, but at least we’re all going through it together.


Gabby Driessnack

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