Different teaching techniques work for different students. Some drive engagement better than others, here are 5 different teaching strategies. All of them unique. All of them different. All of them serve a different purpose. See for yourself which of these teachers fits with what type of education works for you at GVSU.

1. PHI 325 Ethics In Professional Life (Defranco)

Ethics in professional life covers a variety of ethical scandals in business that have happened over time. As a way of history not repeating itself. This class gives the basics of ethics as well as is set up in an engaging teaching style. Each week there is a reading that gets discussed in class for lecture as well as a discussion forum online. Also each week “Ethics Bowls” happen where teams are formed to get judged on how they perform presenting their opinions/debates on certain ethical topics. This forces classmates to remain attentive and engage with the material.


2. CAP 495 Advertising And Public Relations Campaign (Spring)

The Ad and Pr campaign NSAC allows students to be taught in a free-flowing work environment. Literal work environment. There is a faculty member that is there to oversee the class but ultimately it is the students that lead and work together to create one huge cohesive advertising campaign. The class is grouped into respective sections that work on certain assignments that will work together. Most ways that the work done is through ideation work shops (whiteboard and constant editing) as well as TONS of research to back up ideas.


3. COM 375 Communication Research (Kong)

Communication Research works to show different techniques of research, but what is especially interesting is that this particular teacher is a more hands on lecturer. Her in class /group activities makes it easy to grasp the material as well as studying for her exams are made easier by having a specific day that she goes over questions on her study guide. Highly recommend. It is not an EASY class but she makes it rewarding and makes sure you KNOW the material, not just memorize it. Such as when she sends the slide shows for the next class she will purposely leave out words/phrases so that you HAVE to pay attention in class.


4. COM 295 Communication Theory (Harmsen)

Communication Theory is a relatable course in that it engages with the material by being heavily group oriented. The class uses many real life examples to make the material more relatable and less confusing as well as Harmsen will assign 3 essays that is based on the material read as well as the group presentations. He finds that understanding the material is more enriching than memorizing. He changes out who is in which groups for presentations as well as urges students to go to extra credit seminars on communication/journalism topics.


5. CAP 310 Advertising Management And Cases (Wolfe)

Management and Cases with Wolfe was interesting in that sometimes she would do FISH BOWL which causes students at random to do inputs of opinions, group activities such as making money through paper/rulers/scissors(like monopoly but not) and finally a project that immerses topics covered in class into one large assignment. overall the class was enriching and fun.


Now that you are familier with these different teaching techniques, it will give you a good idea on what kind of teachers to look for in the future. You want one that is looking for YOU to succeed while also teaching you that hard work and determination is how to get things done. It is ok to be challenged, but important to take a breath and learn as much as you can .

Lauraanna Quinting

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