Coming home after a long fall semester is one of the best feelings ever. At Hofstra, the break is a nice long five weeks – which seems amazing at first, but quickly loses its appeal. There’s only so much that you can do in five weeks, yet at the same time there’s plenty of time to get everything done that you need to. Five weeks is a pretty long time, especially because after awhile, you run out of things to do, other people go back to school… but on the bright side, you are avoiding a lot of stress for a much longer period, and you get the supreme level of relaxation for a longer. For most students, the stages are as follows, but the bliss doesn’t last forever.

1.Home cooked meals! Finally!

After a semester of weird name-brand foods as well as a slew of simultaneously unhealthy and limited options, the taste of a home-cooked meal can really make you wonder why you ever left home. It really feels like throughout the semester, this was exactly what you were missing, and boy, did you miss it. Not only do you no longer have to worry about your meal-point balance, you are also subjected to generally better, healthier options. And honestly, nothing can make you feel more welcome and at ease than a meal right out of the oven that you aren’t eating out of a plastic container.

via Melanie Haid


2.Friends from home? It’s been too long!

Another perk that comes along with going home over break is seeing your friends from your hometown. Hofstra‘s break is so long that you have plenty of time to see everyone and not feel too rushed about it- something that can’t really be said for those with shorter breaks. It’s nice to see people that you haven’t been able to see during shorter breaks, especially hearing their college stories about their experiences as well as sharing your own. It may seem as though they’re panicked and just about as stressed as you were during school (just because they have so many people they need to see in their short break), but cut them some slack. Unlike you, they don’t have enough time to float around on an island of freedom and stress-relief, so forgive them.

via Melanie Haid


3.You miss your Hofstra friends, too.

Along with all of your friends coming back from far and wide, the people you spent the last four months with also went their separate ways, so either way, it feels like you can’t really win. At school, you miss your friends from home, and after being home long enough, you start to feel a little empty inside from missing a different set of people. The worst phase is when all of your friends from home have already gone back to college, and you’re just kind of…stuck. You don’t have your home friends anymore, and you still have two weeks or so until you go back…now what?

via Melanie Haid


5.You start trying to focus on self-improvement, since there’s nothing much else to do.

Everyone else is back at school, so what’s there left for you to do? Aside from working more (if you have a job at home), you have way too much time on your hands. So you’re left with no choice: you finish binge-watching all of your shows, reading the books you’ve been wanting to read, finally washing your face and getting the sleep you’ve been lacking for the past few months. At least you’re taking care of yourself, but after awhile, even that routine gets old. This is when you start to think this break might just be a little too long…

via Melanie Haid


6.You want to be back at school…until you’re back and you need another week.

Now you’ve finally had it: your brain is empty, and you’re yearning to get some information back in there. Even just a more solid routine where you can set goals and see people again suddenly sounds like it couldn’t come any quicker. Suddenly though, it’s the day before classes, and you’re already tired, and feeling not at all refreshed, even after this whole break (how is that even possible?) So you’re at a crossroads, one where you don’t have a choice, but you find yourself wishing that you never wasted away those days sleeping in and eating home-cooked meals…but now, it’s over.

via Melanie Haid


Hofstra‘s break is, without a doubt, long, but it has its pros and cons. You get a long time to see everyone you want to see, as well as focus on yourself a little bit, and definitely catch up on some sleep. And, while you don’t have any assignments, you can really start to feel the panic of not having anything to do for a while, and that’s when you know it’s time to start heading back. It may be nice to not have to stress over break between semesters, but sometimes, it’s hard to get accustomed to and go back and forth between very different routines, but all in all, five weeks are sure to have you thinking.


Melanie Haid

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