With college comes the inevitable week of finals dreaded by every college kid in the world. Luckily for you, Hofstra puts many programs and events in place around and during finals week which are meant to help destress students and help them to relax during the most stressful weak of the semester.

1. Late Night Breakfast

Late night studying in the library or in your dorm? Check out the Late Night Breakfast stands set up in the Student Center during the week. Grab yourself a bagel and a cup of coffee to power through the all-nighter.



2. Dog Petting!?

Feeling extra stressed during the day? Hofstra offers a dog petting event where students can destress by petting and playing with dogs! How perfect! Make sure you check the HofCast to know when and where the dogs are going to be!



3. Need a mega-break?

Check out one of the movies Hofstra puts on for free the weekend before or during finals week! Entry is always free, and they show some of the latest movies! Plus, they have popcorn!



4. Basketball games and Musicals!

Finals week may be approaching, but that doesn’t mean all campus events come to a halt! Check out one of the plays put on by Hofstra’s Drama Department every semester. Shakespeare not your style? Head to the Athletic Complex and watch a Hofstra basketball



5. Thursday Nite Live!

Feeling really tired and need a quick pick me up? Turn on the TV and tune into Hofstra’s very own comedy show, Thursday Nite Live, put on by Hofstra students! A quick skit and a few giggles later you’ll definitely be ready to pick up the gauntlet and return to your books.



Finals are tough, but don’t let them leave you sluggish and stressed out. Take advantage of everything Hofstra provides during finals week, and you’ll have an unbelievably easy week and an even better time at on vacation!



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