There are more than a few cultural differences and dilemmas international students face when they leave their respective home countries to school in the United States. Thankfully, Hofstra University always considers its international students who make up a large percentage of the student body, and they try to cater to the international community as best as they can. The following are some issues international students face and the solutions provided by Hofstra.

1. American Holidays


Wherever you’re from, Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday. While most of the students at Hofstra are going home for the long weekend, internationals students are often left behind on campus. If you don’t feel like bingeing on Netflix, check out some of the programs Hofstra puts in place for International students during these holidays, like the Thanksgiving Dinner, or hit up the other international students on campus and have a huge Friendsgiving!

2. International Student Orientation



Hofstra has a special orientation for international students, which takes place before the rest of the students are on campus. Take advantage of this and try and attend! International Student Orientation is great because you get to mingle with students who are in the same exact position as you. Additionally advice about student visas, scholarships and employment opportunities are all integrated into the International Student Orientation Program. It’s one of the most resourceful program there is for international students.

3. Global Mentorship Program


Take advantage of the Global Mentorship program! This is a brilliant program put in place by Hofstra’s Division of Student Affairs, and it pairs up new international students with current Hofstra students – who are also international students! Peers and mentors often form unbreakable bonds, and they are the perfect people to ask for advice or help about anything you may have trouble with during your time at Hofstra.

4. Clubs and Sports Activities


Join as many campus activities, clubs and sports as you wish! They’re a great way to meet new people, develop a hobby or learn a new sport and keep yourself active. There are also clubs which cater specifically to students from specific areas of the world, like the African Students Association and the South Asian Students Association. Look for ones you enjoy and try and involve yourself as much as you can!


Leaving home is tough no matter what, but for international students it can be an unbelievable struggle. You definitely want a school that caters to you, one where you’ll be around other students like you and where provisions are made specifically for students like you. All of these and more are available at Hofstra. Hofstra makes the usually rough international transition smooth and fun!



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