1. Financial Aid

Waiting for a book voucher? Waiting for ANYTHING? Keep waiting.

2. The “A” Building

Come here to be sent somewhere else then be sent back here again.

3. Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is the best place to visit when you made an appointment,

arrive early and want to wait three hours to be called, just to hear, “I’m sorry. We


4. Air Conditioning

If you live in Wheatley or Baldwin you understand the sweat soaking your sheets

when waking up in the morning. You get out of bed every day wondering why the

weather decides it is going to be 90 degrees for two weeks straight.

5. Space 

For my fellow introverted black girls, the Quad will welcome you with sisterhood

but the lack of isolation may be overwhelming. I would suggest keeping your dorm

room’s door locked while inside; your floor mates will hardly knock. If you are

feeling reclusive, it may be helpful to listen to the hallway before rushing out to pee.

6. Dirty Bathrooms

First of all, why are there bowls of food left on the counter while I am washing my

face? My dorm mate, when seeing the showers on our floor, came back to the room

appalled and only went back after a thorough cleanse. We have realized our

showers at home have been taken for granted.

7. Crossing The Street

You know, these cars are going to hit me someday in the near future. I hope you

make it in those fifteen seconds. After that, you will have to wait five more minutes

until it starts blinking again. Get to class early unless you are brave enough to play

human Frogger while the light is green.

8. The Booty Wall

Is this necessary? Do you want to see my bottom in my sweatpants while I am

hunched over with this backpack? I have headphones on. I am not trying to talk to


9. LGBTQ Resource Center – Where?

In Cascade (Coalition of Activist Students Celebrating the Acceptance of Diversity

and Equality), this question has arisen and this center has been deliberated on for

years now. You would think every university in D.C. would have done this by now!

10. Everything is Expensive

“Let’s pay fifty dollars to go to a hot, sweaty party that we will stay at for an hour!”

“Let’s pay three hundred dollars for a cup of water!”


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