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Math Courses at Humber College

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Kelly Solak

Many students struggle to transition smoothly into college level mathematics. At Humber College, math courses are essential for graduation since they lay the foundation for many career paths. HC is the alma mater of Nathan Fielder. Humber has great professors that help support the students succeed in these math courses. Here are 10 math classes at Humber College.

1. ACCT 111-Introduction to Accounting 1C

Students learning virtually in their course.

This course is created for students who have no accounting background and is intended to give a strong foundation for future courses in accounting. The course covers the complete accounting cycle, with both conceptual and procedural elements. Students will prepare and interpret financial statements throughout the entire semester.

The final exam for this course needs to be taken in person, but everything else can be completed online. Jeremy Frape is a great professor in the accounting department. Students say this course is an excellent introduction to the world of accounting.

2. BMTH 010-Essentials of Business Math

Students working together on a math problem at Humber

This course covers the basic skills needed to understand the essentials of business mathematics. Topics include a review of basic algebra, break-even and cost-volume-profit analysis, mathematics of merchandising and simple interest. This course is a great review but students still learn many new concepts.

Richard Mitchell is a great professor in the mathematics department. He is excellent at teaching concepts that many students have trouble understanding. This course is wonderful for freshman who are looking to pursue a degree in business.

3. BMTH 120- Mathematics of Finance

Image of math problem being solved on paper.

This course introduces commercial and financial mathematics to students over the semester. Procedures to establish price in manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing and retailing are taught in great detail. Problems involving compound interest and annuities are solved through group work and homework assignments.

This knowledge gained from the class is used in investment decision applications for future courses and careers. Romit Francis is a highly rated professor in the mathematics department on campus. A prerequisite for this class is BMTH 010.

4. CALC 103-Introduction to Calculus

Professor working with students in a classroom.

This course teaches students limits and derivatives, derivatives of algebraic functions and rates of change and optimization problems. Some particular topics that students have trouble with are derivatives of trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions and simple integration. This course can be daunting, but the math center offers students many resources to succeed.

Irene Lee is a highly rated professor in the department. She is said to be very passionate about what she teaches. Students learn more than just mathematics in this course, but discipline and a strong worth ethic with the complex course material.

5. BSTA 200- Business Statistics

Student learning virtually online with teacher.

Business Statistics is a course that students learn a lot about their future careers and how the numbers work in big industries. Jim Watson is a highly rated professor and students say he makes learning the material fun. Prerequisites include BMTH 100 or BMTH 110 or BMTH 120.

This course covers modern descriptive and inferential statistics. The class deals with the application of formulas, techniques and computer use for future careers. There is a large emphasis placed on student decision-making during the completion of homework assignments and exams.

6. ACEO M20-Business Mathematics

Image of math problems on the board to be solved.

This course is able to provide students with the mathematical skills that they will need in their studies and career, including a review of algebra, graphing of linear equations, mathematics of business and management, finance and investment. Students will develop the skills needed to be successful in business. They will also appreciate how mathematics is an essential part of the world of business. 

This course is equivalent to Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12, College Preparation MAP4C. Prerequisites include ACEC M05 for this course to taken. Hang Lai is a great professor in the department who cares for the students and explains overwhelming concepts very well.

7. DMAS 241- Technical Mathematics

Professor teaching students in class.

This first-level mathematics course for the engineering technology program begins with a review of fundamental concepts including arithmetic operations and more. This is followed by several algebra topics including linear equations, factoring, fractions and quadratic equations. DMAS 241 is not recognized as a general education course for the college.

Silva Sola is the course director for Technical Mathematics. If students have any questions or concerns, they should contact the course director. The goals of this course are to show that mathematics does play a most important role in fields of technology and to ensure that students gain the math and critical thinking skills necessary.

8. ACEM 019- Core Mathematics

Student working on a problem on the board.

This course is designed to give students a foundation in mathematics including numeric and algebraic operations, geometry, collecting, displaying and analyzing data. Mathematical relationships, statistics and probability, and simple and compound interest and everyday financing are some of the more advanced concepts. This course is equivalent to MEL4E course.

Brian Lim is a wonderful faculty member in the department who really wants students to succeed. This course can be overwhelming, but for students who need a better foundation in mathematics, this will help them throughout the semester.

9. EDUC 020- Math for Grade 9 (Preparation or review)

Professor lecturing in front of students.

This 12-week online workshop is a fun and hands-on way for grade 8 and 9 students to prepare for review grade 9 Ontario math curriculum topics. It aims to deepen student understanding of math concepts, and increase interest in mathematics. Live lessons are led by certified Ontario teachers using interactive, creative learning activities and math technology tools to engage students in learning.

Students will attend class twice per week (90 minute sessions) virtually and be provided with an additional hour of drop-in math support. Students who complete this workshop will get a certificate of participation from Humber College. Those interested in the course should contact any Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning, Department of Continuing Education.

10. CALC 203-Applied Calculus

Students working with professors in a group.

This course covers a review of differentiation and integration, integration methods, first and second order differential equations throughout the semester to students. Laplace transforms, infinite series and applications are some tough concepts that often guide students toward the math center for tutoring. Even though the course is tough, students will still manage to learn a lot by working with peers and professors.

Elora Aimeen is a professor who is great with students and understanding where they are struggling with the course material. A prerequisite for the course is CALC 103. It is important for students to do well in this course before taking on CALC 203.

In conclusion, Humber College has a variety of math courses that will help students have the foundation to succeed in their academics and in their careers. Hopefully, you can refer to this list to give you some ideas as to what math courses to take!

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