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Top 10 Professors at Humber

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David Mello

Humber College is one of Canada's best schools that is synonymous with academics. These programs are filled with academics of their own (professors, that is). Here are the ten best as voted on by Humber students:

1. Debbie Looije

Professor of Accounting

Rating: 5.0
Department: Accounting

Courses Taught by Professor Looije:

BAAC251 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Looije:

“She is a great teacher and one who explains very well. Must attend classes to fully understand the course.”

“She's a great teacher. At one point I thought I was about to fail her class but I finished the entire course with 100 which I'm still shocked about. She uses text book in every class. She's always prepared with agendas and allows you to work and understand everything. She's very respectful, always on time and I definitely 100% recommend her.”

“Attend class and you will get an 80+ with minimal effort. She explains everything clearly and let's you practice in class as she's teaching. Provides a clear outline each week on what will be taught, as well as what you're expected to know for each test.”

2. Jordan Dimitrov

Jordan Dimitrov? picture

Rating: 5.0
Department: Applied Technology

Courses Taught by Professor Dimitrov

ELIC250 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Dimitrov

“Excellent Teacher! Always able to help when you need it! Lectures amazing! Very friendly!”

“He deserves the Noble Prize.”

“One of the best professors I've ever had.”

3. Viktoria Jovanovic-Krstic

Viktoria Jovanovic-Krstic picture

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Jovanovic-Krstic

WRIT220 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Jovanovic-Krstic

“She was an amazing teacher. If you have the opportunity to choose her, I strongly recommend.”

“She's a really good teacher. You'll pass as long as you go to class. Her grading criteria might be intimidating but it's not hard at all. I had a great time learning in her class! She's hilarious too, so the lectures are not usually boring.”

“I'm taking Viktoria's class right now and she's making it pretty fun and pretty clear. I can't say I would take this class if I had a choice, but I'm glad I have her teaching it. She cares about the class and wants us to succeed.”

4) Caleb Yong

Professor of Humanities

Rating: 5.0
Department: Humanities

Courses Taught by Professor Yong

HUMA255 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Yong

“One of the best professor's I've ever had! Presents his lectures in a clear and entertaining way. Never missed a class.”

“Power point based lectures, you don't have to go to class, but it helps if you don't understand some of the readings. Gives good feedback and will give you more feedback if you ask for it. Fun and amusing teacher, likes to do class activities from time to time.”

“Caleb is insightful, intelligent and has a great way of keeping students engaged and entertained during his lectures. He's a great guy and if you ever have the chance to take some of his classes, do it. You'll be missing out if you don't.”

5) Dilash Krishnapillai

Dilash Krishnapillai in a group picture

Rating: 5.0
Department: Management

Courses Taught by Professor Krishnapillai

PMPG555 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Krishnapillai

“Just fantastic! His knowledge and oratory skills will melt you. Every penny and every minute is worth it.”

“A brilliant mind and an outstanding orator!”

“The best professor ever. His lectures are interesting, inspirational and informative. He makes up for the deficiencies of other professors in Humber College.”

6) Frank Mastromattei

Frank Mastromattei in a group picture with kids

Rating: 5.0
Department: Culinary Arts

Courses Taught by Professor Mastromattei

CULN111 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Mastromattei

“He was good at teaching the unique tricks of the trade that would help you in the field. He taught patience and respect for others while teaching the course.”

“Easy going professor, but amazing at encouraging his students to be amazing at what they do.”

“Highly respected by all students. Very often other students are seen asking for his advice. You will always get a hello from him and is always there for you!”

7) Fabian Marks

Professor of Marketing

Rating: 5.0
Department: Marketing

Courses Taught by Professor Marks

MKTG111 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Marks

“Really nice and very descriptive!! The only thing I would say is he doesn't like the use of electronics. Pretty easy grader and funny, would definitely recommend.”

“Fabian is a Marketing Genius!!! He is the greatest thing that happened to me in Marketing Fundamentals. I would recommend him anytime. He is very inspirational, caring, engaging, keeps you upbeat in class and participating. I look forward to his classes. Once you see his name on a course, sign up! You will never regret it.”

“Fabian was one of my favourite teachers at Humber! He's super nice and very professional. Clear, outlined instructions and rubrics, well organized lectures, and he is happy to answer your questions. He was very accommodating of our schedule and course load after the strike, which was a nice change as most teachers weren't.”

8) Anthony Vanhoy

Image result for humber anthony vanhoy

Professor of Liberal Arts

Rating: 5.0
Department: Liberal Arts

Courses Taught by Professor Vanhoy

BMTH120 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Vanhoy

“He is one of the best professors of all times because he will explain everything and never gets irritated even if you ask him multiple times. Grading system is quite good and exam papers are always according to the syllabus. Also, he is available on emails and never fails to give you reply. You will not just pass instead you will score high.”

“Great prof, very motivating, very knowledgeable. Genuinely cares and interested in students' success.”

“He is very professional.”

9) Nancy Ennis

Professor of Law

Rating: 5.0
Department: Law

Courses Taught by Professor Ennis

BLAW100 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ennis

“Great instructor who knows her stuff. Intelligent and drop dead gorgeous!”

“She's a great instructor.”

“One of the greatest teachers at Humber. Can actually teach! Plus she's hot.”

10) Jennifer Marotta

Professor of Humanities

Rating: 5.0
Department: Humanities

Courses Taught by Professor Marotta

HIST3300 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Marotta

“Jennifer is one of my favourite teachers at Humber. Her lectures are well crafted and interesting. The readings are mandatory for thus class, but she has a list prepared with all of them so there is no textbook! I would definitely love to be in one of her classes again.”

“Honestly my favourite professor at Humber. She is very caring and easy to talk to. Lectures are heavy but very informative, interesting and understandable. She uses a variety of teaching methods (lecture, videos, discussions, group work activities) which made the class really exciting. Best part is no presentations!”

“Jennifer is wonderful. She is very fair, caring, and only wants us to succeed. Her lectures are super interesting and she shows a number of interesting videos and images to get us thinking. Also: No textbook; she provides online readings. Highly recommend!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Humber

1) Rocket Engines by Yifei Zhao

Team of students.

Faculty: Aerospace Engineering

Zhao and a team of students were invited to participate in an Ontario summit to showcase their project. Their particular work centered around rocket engine designs. It used for analysis of fuel systems.

2) Energy in Homes by Dragos Paraschiv

Dragos Paraschiv

Faculty: Science and Engineering

Dragos Paraschiv is researching the way homes, both new and otherwise, use energy. In particular, he looked at air leakage from brick houses. He is identifying areas of energy saving that will undoubtedly be valuable to all who come across it.

3) Butternut Trees by Igino Teolis

The tree in question.

Faculty: Landscape Technicians

A team of many, including Igino Teolis of Humber, are coming together to save the butternut tree. A canker is putting the tree at risk of extinction. The team is trying to find better avenues for the trees to grow in.

4) Safe Drinking Water by Shawn Cleary

Shawn Cleary from Humber

Faculty: Civil Engineering

Shawn Cleary's goal in his drinking water research is to provide the resource safely to all communities in Canada. Fortunately, his research is about to expand a lot wider. Cleary and his team have just received a grant from NSERC to continue collaborating.

5) Firearms with the Youth by Tina-Nadia Gopal-Chambers

Tina-Nadia Gopal-Chambers

Faculty: Social and Community Services

Rampant firearm possession is always a problem. But Gopal-Chambers is focusing on reducing this problem as it pertains to possession among at risk youth in Toronto. She is particularly targeting the causes of this very genuine problem many Canadians face every day.

Humber College is a haven for curiosity, academics, and an ever expanding wealth of knowledge. These research projects prove this.


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