Things to do if you are bored at ISU

There are many of things to do on a college campus but you can never be bored. Here at Illinois State you have a wide variety of things to do. Being bored is not an option because with all the clubs and activities going on, you have no time to be bored.

1. Bowling and billiards Center

If you want to get out and have a fun time with friends and do something that doesn’t cost a lot, this is your place. Cost about $3-$7 approx. to bowl or play pool and they have a lot of lanes and tables! Grab some friends and get playing!

2. Rec Center/Clubs

If you ever want to get a good workout in, shoot some hoops or run the track the rec center is an outstanding 3 level facility. You can enjoy so many activities in here or even take a swim! Whatever you want, the rec has it.

3. Watterson top lounge

The top of Watty has a great area to either play games with friends or simply study for an upcoming test while overlooking the campus. It also has a piano for anyone wanting to show off their skills. No more sitting in your room, hit that T button.

No more sitting in your room watching friends by yourself while your roommate is out. Get out an explore the unknowns of the ISU campus. Maybe you’ll find something you won’t regret!


Jacob Koepke

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