Pulling an all-nighter the night before your final exam is something you may have experienced in past. However, it is important to keep in mind that the most vital rule of studying is simple: eliminate distractions. The reason we end up studying until the crack of dawn is because of the various distractions that alter our study habits. This is a direct cause of procrastination. There are several effective ways to study, but each way will only be helpful if we eliminate certain distractions while doing so.

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Here are some significant study secrets that will help you ace your next exam:

1. Get Comfortable

Finding a spot to study may be one of the hardest decisions you have to make! Here are some suggestions:

In your dorm room

Outside on the quad

In a hammock

At the library

In your friend’s room

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Wherever it is that you choose to study, make sure it’s a comfortable spot. It’s also important to go somewhere with minimal distractions. Although you may feel comfy in your bed, it may not be the best place to study. If you’re going to be checking your twitter timeline and dozing off, maybe pick a different place.

2. Use Study Apps

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There are tons of helpful apps and websites that are created with the intentions of helping students study. Perhaps you have heard of Quizlet. This common study tool provides easy-to-use flashcards and practice tests in order to help students retain information. These types of study tools are proven to be extremely beneficial and will surely help you study for your big exam coming up.

3. Create a Study Guide

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While your teachers may give you a review guide that lists all of the major concepts that will be on your test, it is also helpful to rewrite your own notes. By going through your notes and writing out the key points of what you’ve learned, you will retain the information faster and easier. The more you write out the information, the easier it will be for your brain to remember it.

4. Use Memory Games

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Using mnemonic devices (a word or series of words intended to assist your memory) will help exercise your brain and memory. You may have learned PEMDAS in math class when you were learning the order of operations. Another common mnemonic is ROY G BIV in which each letter stands for the colors in a rainbow. These mnemonic devices act as a memory game and give your mind a chance to fully understand the concept, allowing yourself to remember it easier.

5. Visuals Are Important!

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Although this is the last tip on how to study effectively, it is definitely one of the most important. Despite the fact that most people tend to reread their notes over and over until they memorize everything, it may be more beneficial to draw graphs, charts, and pictures. Most people are visual learners, meaning they learn the best when the information is associated with some sort of image.

Hopefully these tips will help you out the next time you need to remember a large amount of information for an exam coming up. Don’t forget the most important tip: eliminate distractions!! Good luck and happy studying!

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Anna Tonarelli

Currently a freshman at Illinois State University and majoring in Elementary Education in hopes of becoming a teacher

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