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There is so many ways to choose a meal plan or come at it with a hungry mind set. Personally the dining center is a good place to eat but you can see yourself getting use to the food very fast. That’s why the university gives you “flex” dollars on your Redbird card! I am going to list a couple ways to spend your flex but also how to use it wisely!

1. Restaurants 

Here at ISU you can use these flex to eat at a variety of places. The Bone Student Center host most of these restaurants.. Burger King, McCalisters, Eisten’s, etc. They are not expensive at all and they are pretty good! These places are great to use your flex dollars, they are cheap and it’s good to switch up your eating habits every once in a while.

2. Vending machines

Another thing on campus that is helpful and a great thing to have is the vending machines. They are located all over the place and have a wide variety of selections. If you miss breakfast or soemthing you could easily snag something and not miss class. Another smart thing to spend your flex on at school! But they are tempting so choose over time what you get.

3. Subway

In every lobby of the dorms there is a subway open till late hours that you can eat at! If you need a job you can apply at them and get a job, but they hire in the beginning of the semester! Flex dollars are always good to use here, after class if you want a sandwich stop in and grab one to go!

 4. How to use over the semester 

With different meal plans comes different amounts of flex dollars, some can have $150 or some can vary to $350-$400. If you see yourself in the dining center all the time, then you won’t want much flex, and so the other way around. But you have to be smart and make sure your flex last till the end of the semester!!

4. Don’t spend to quick

If you see yourself spend way to much to quick into the semester with your flex, go to the dining centers or grocery shop for the week! It’s a good thing to have in your pocket put if it’s all gone, it is gone. You can not add any flex dollars or save them for next semester! So your spacing and saving is kind of a need for these. You’ll always want a quick snack without having to walk to the dining center and wait; so spend wisely!


Jacob Koepke

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