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It’s critical for students to find their own favorite spot to study on campus. Especially if they need to study for a test, or studying 24/7 for finals. Depending on where students study, it could definitely affect the way they study. So it is very important to find a place that is suitable for the student  so they can comfortably study for upcoming exams. So here are 5 places that students at ISU should definitely consider going.

1. Milner Library

Honestly, what is the number one place people think of when it comes down to studying? Milner is the perfect place to go studying with friends or alone. The library offers many floors where students can find their own place to study. Better yet, each floor is either “quiet floor” or just regular floor. The quiet floor is perfect for those that cannot study with other people, since they offer individual desks with dividers. The regular floor is perfect for groups to study together, as they offer many booths and big tables for everyone to sit. The library closes at 3AM on regular days, but for finals week, they are open 24 hours! And to make it better, parking is free after 9PM!

2. Student Recreation center

Some students at ISU thinks the recreation center is only for working out. But the place actually offers many tables and booths for students to study all night. Located not far from the Flats, the rec center is very close to a lot of food places like Buffalo Wild Wings and Noodles & Company! The rec is perfect for study groups to get together and study, and they can quickly grab food too since it’s close by! Better yet, the rec has a Starbucks on the first floor! So people can grab a cup of coffee to help them stay awake while they study!

3. Dorm 

The dorms are perfect places to study for students who are feeling very lazy but need to study. Wrapped in their warm blankets, students can be in bed while they study. It’s a perfect place to study to focus too, since there won’t be a lot of people around (minus those with loud roommates). Students who live in Watty, Tri, and Hewett-Manchester can go to study rooms located in their building too, which is perfect for groups to study together but also stay in. Unfortunately, Cardinal Court does not offer study rooms, but students living there can take advantage of the big living room given to them and study there!

4. Noodles & Company

For a lot of people at ISU, Noodles & Company is probably the last place they would even consider studying at. It’s always crowded there, and almost all tables are taken all the time. But here’s what people don’t know. During finals week, this place cannot get more empty. Everyone is too busy studying someplace else than no one really sits down to eat there during the week of finals! Located only 5 minutes away from campus, this place is the perfect place to study at to get some work done and grab some yummy noodles!

5. Fusion Brew

Fusion Brew is a low-key place that not a lot of ISU students go to. Located right by Noodles & Company and Buffalo Wild Wings, this place is the best place to go study alone. The cozy atmosphere makes it perfect to get comfortable and get all the work done. Their bubble tea is also to die for. So why not grab some bubble tea and get all the work done to ace those exams!


These five places are all perfect places for students to study for their upcoming exams and during finals week! They each have their own pros and cons, so once students find their fit, that place will become their go-to study place for the next few years. Fortunately, all these places are walking distance from campus, so that’s convenient for a lot of people! Make sure to try studying at these places sometime soon and ace those upcoming exams!



Julia Park

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