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Whether you are a psychology major or just trying to complete a general education requirement, PSY 110 is one of the most popular class here at ISU. This class is mainly lecture-based and there are terminologies that must be memorized in order to not get lost. Many people take PSY 110 because they think it’s an easy class, but that is definitely wrong. Just like any other class, hard work must be put in to pass this class. Here are 4 great tips to surviving PSY 110 at ISU:

1. Go to every class

It is critical to go to EVERY lecture in order to pass this class. Every class, ridiculous amount of notes are given. Even though this is only an introduction to psychology, there are still tons of things to learn. Skipping class means missing out on one whole unit. Most teachers do not post their notes online because they want to make sure no one skips class. Also, if you skip, you may miss out on surprise extra credit or pop quizzes that randomly happen throughout the semester. So why not just go to class and avoid the risk of going down a whole letter grade?

2. Go to office hours

Most of the professors here at ISU hold office hours for students to come in and ask questions about the class. Usually, PSY 110 professors hold 2 office hours a week, and if they aren’t available, then student teachers will be there to help. If a student had an emergency or was too sick to go to class, they can always go in during office hours without making an appointment to copy down notes and catch up! Office hours are perfect for students that wants extra clarification from the class, and/or just trying to catch up with everyone else when they’re struggling.

3. Do SONA

SONA is a MUST if anyone is trying to boost up their grade in PSY 110. Offered to anyone taking a psychology class, SONA is a research survey page where students can take surveys related to psychology and get extra credit points. Some surveys can be taken online, but most of them are required to be done in person. The in-person surveys don’t take more than 15 minutes! And students can take as many surveys they want. Most surveys are 2-3 credits, and those are worth 1 extra credit point. SONA doesn’t hurt grades at all, just boosts them! So why not do it?

4. Write down EVERYTHING

No matter what, make sure to write down every single thing that the professor talks about in class. Even if it sounds like it won’t be on the test, 99% of the time, it will. Professors like to test whether students were actually paying attention, and not just copying the notes and not paying attention during class. Even the smallest things covered in class that no one thought was important could be on the test. And rather than trying to memorize what the professor is saying, it’s better to write them all down so you can refer to your notes in the future. It’s way better to be overprepared than to be surprised during an exam.

5. Review study guides

Most professors in the psychology department will upload all the study guides used for the entire semester on Reggienet. It is very important that you actually study off the study guide, not just your own notes. The study guide tells students exactly what will be on the test and what won’t be on the test. This can save students a lot of time, because rather than trying to memorize all their notes, they know exactly what to study. Professors also provide test reviews a couple days before the exam, so students can ask any questions about test. After reviewing the study guide and going to test reviews, no one can get anything less than a B.

These are the 4 most helpful tips to surviving PSY 110. PSY 110 is one of those classes that students don’t take seriously, since it’s only an introduction class. But every psychology major knows that there are no easy psychology classes, especially when no efforts are put in. If you are determined to successfully survive and pass this class, following these tips will definitely help you get that A!


Julia Park

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