Almost every college student asks why general education is required in college. Many of those courses were already reviewed in high school too. Honestly, who wants to take classes just because they have to when they can take classes that relates to their major? But thankfully, ISU offers a variety of general ed. classes that are very interesting and fun. So here are 4 cool courses ISU students should definitely consider taking for their general ed. requirement!

1. SOC 106

SOC 106 is Introduction to Sociology and it’s the first sociology class students take in order to take more in-depth sociology courses. SOC 106 completes the individuals and civic life section of the general ed. requirement. The class introduces what sociology is all about, and it also teaches many ways to view the world differently.

2. PSY 110

PSY 110 is Introduction to Psychology, and students interested in taking more in-depth psychology classes must go through this class as a prerequisite. This class is 3 credit hours, and it completes the social sciences section of the general ed. requirement. This class is not difficult at all, as long as students do their readings. Plus you get to learn cool things about psychology in every class. This class also gives out a lot of extra credits, so it not only fulfills the requirement, but also benefits your final grades by a lot!

3. ART 282

ART 282 is a class for those that needs to complete the Fine Arts requirement, but aren’t really into music or art. ART 282 is Art History Abroad, and students in this class focuses on the history of art WHILE traveling abroad! This course gives students many opportunities to learn first hand about the history of art! Students get the chance to go abroad and complete their general ed. requirement!

4. BSC 145

Ever wondered about how amazing the human body is? BSC 145 is one of the most interesting course students at ISU can take. This class focuses on the basis of the human body, and how the human body reacts to different environment! Not only do students get to complete the science, mathematics, and technology portion of the general ed. requirement, students learn about their own body and how it functions!

So here it is. The 4 most interesting classes that students at ISU should definitely consider taking when they’re trying to meet their general education requirement. These courses are all very interesting, and they aren’t just one of the many classes that have already been reviewed in high school! All 4 of these courses will make students look forward to going to these classes everyday.


Julia Park

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