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Going away to college can be a hard transition to many students, whether they are incoming Freshmen or transfers from community colleges. In order to have a great first year and make it the best, there are some things that all students should avoid in order to make their transition smooth. So here are 5 things that first years should avoid at ISU.

1. Skipping class

Skipping class is the last thing any students should do, especially first year students if they want a smooth transition to college. Unlike high school, most college classes are at least an hour long, and skipping class means more work for the future. And not a lot of professors allow make-ups. Not only that, but most classes have attendance policy. Not being in class also counts against grades, so skipping class has not benefits. Skipping class will do the opposite of giving first year students a smooth transition.


Procrastinating has never done anyone any good. It’s normal for all students wanting to procrastinate. But honestly, that gets no where. Time is very important in college, and no matter how early students start working on their school work, it seems like time is always running out. And ideas could take a long time to come. It’s better to have enough time and do the best on their school project, rather than feeling rushed and turning in a not-so-good work.

3. Buying textbooks before first week of class

This is one of the biggest mistakes many first year college students make. Textbooks are very expensive, and it doesn’t help the fact all college students are broke. The thing is, many professors actually don’t require students to get textbooks. It may say it on the course description, but thankfully, professors also understands that college costs a lot of money. So it’s better to wait a week and find out whether or not textbooks are needed for their classes. It would suck if students spent hundreds of dollars for textbooks that they won’t need for class.

4. Not working out

Everyone knows about the Freshmen 15. All the drinking, dining hall food, and junk food is the way to go if people are looking to gain a few pounds. All colleges has fitness centers for their students, and they’re all free. It would be stupid to not take advantage of that.  ISU offers 15 classes every week throughout the day so students can make time for at least one class. Staying in shape and working is very important in college so students can maintain a healthy body and avoid complaining about their unwanted change in weight.

5. Comparing everything to high school

College is a way for students to start a new life and a new identity. But one of the biggest mistakes first years make is reminiscing their high school lives. Many students cannot seem to move on from their high school lives, and that gets in the way of having a smooth transition to college. If students continuously compare everything in college from their past, than they will never be able to actually live their college life. High school is in the past, and everyone needs to move on from that.


So here are 5 things that all first year college students should definitely avoid dong at ISU. Transitioning to college from high school is scary for everyone. Parents won’t be around 24/7 reminding to do their homework, waking them up for class, and etc. So avoiding these is a MUST if a smooth and easy transition is the goal for the first year of college!


Julia Park

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