Illinois state quad north

1. Don’t live in Watty if you’re afraid of heights

Watterson Towers is the tallest building between Chicago and St. Louis. It has 28 floors and is 298.5 feet tall.

2. First rule of Watty towers: don’t talk about Watty towers

What happens in Watty stays in Watty

3. Who needs mom when Watterson has every type of food available

From pizza to burgers to vegetarian options, Watterson food court has almost everything you could want to eat

4. Cardinal Court is basically a dorm except 1000 times cooler

What’s better than having tons of freedom, tons of free food, and a subway 100 feet away

5. Don’t get stuck on a lame floor

Some floors in the dorms are for certain majors and if it’s not your type of crowd, good luck surviving the whole year of boredom

6. Hewitt-Manchester has a subway inside

Subway seems to be all over campus…

7. Tri-Towers dining hall may not be as big as Watterson, but it is definitely less crowded

Bring on the all you can eat cookies

8. Speaking of dorm food, Watty chicken tenders are life

9. The elevators are not haunted even though they seem like it

They make weird noises but it’s not the Tower of Terror

10. You’ll never actually gain the freshman 15 if you don’t have a mini-fridge

Mini fridges allow for so much ice cream and junk food right in your bedroom

11. Living in the dorm is the first chance away from mom and dad

So call them as much as possible. Trust me they miss you.


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