1. Don’t overload your schedule with a bunch of classes

As a first year college student away from home you don’t want to stress yourself out. Your first semester, try not to take too many classes so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

2. You don’t need to decide on a major right away

Take it from someone who has changed their major twice: you don’t need to choose a major right away. Make sure to get your general education classes out of the way and then decide what you want to major in, instead of changing a bunch of times.

3. A meal plan will save your life

When living in the dorms it’s hard to have a good ol fashioned “home cooked meal”, but the dining hall is the closest you’ll get.

4. Try to find a job as soon as possible

Finding a job in a college town can be next to impossible. There are thousands of students who go here and may be trying to get the same job you want. Try to apply to multiple places to increase your chances of trying to find a job.

5. Become best friends with your advisor

Your advisor is someone who will help you map out your next four years at ISU. They will help you to decide what you want to major in and help you with what classes you need to take and when to take them. They may even help you find a job.

6. Study sessions are a gift from your professor

Your professor is the one designing the tests so if they have a study session to discuss what could be on the test you should probably attend.

7. Join a club/organization

Clubs or any other RSO is a great way to make friends or gain experience in something you like to do. It also could look good on a resume, showing you are involved and a team player.

8. If you’re going to room with a friend, make sure you can be with them all the time

Sure rooming with your best friend sounds like the best idea at the time but you may want to reconsider. You’ll want to room with someone who has similar habits as you so you don’t end up resenting each other down the road.

9. A mini fridge in your dorm room will be a life saver

Since you can take home food from the dining hall, a mini fridge will come to be very useful. If you live in Hewitt or Manchester, you may not have such easy access to the two dining halls so being able to store a couple meals in a fridge would be way more convenient.

10. Establish good habits quick!

You don’t want to start off college with bad habits because those will be habits you carry with you throughout your four years and even into your career.


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