As one begins his/her college career, it may be difficult to find a major that is interesting enough to pursue. There is a variety of fields one can go into, and sometimes it is hard for students to choose one. It all depends on what that student is interested in and what kind of occupation he/she would want to have in the future. Despite the variety of majors that Illinois State provides for its students, one of the most common and well-known majors here is Education. As one should already know, there are different categories under the “Education” major that one can decide to pursue. For example, an Education major must choose if they want to work with Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, or Special Education students. The majority of Education majors are female. However, here are 5 reasons why EVERYONE should consider being an Education major at ISU.

1. You get to take fun classes

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While some people may perceive Education as an “easy” major, there are several difficult classes that go along with the course study. However, there are also some pretty enjoyable classes that you have to take before graduation. The required classes slightly differ depending on what grade level a student is planning to teach, but each Education course study is similar. Here are just two examples of courses at ISU in which most Education majors enjoy:

ENG170English 170 is required for Elementary Education majors at ISU. This class is all about children’s literature, and the students who enroll in this course read a variety of children’s books throughout the semester. Remember the books “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Rainbow Fish,” and “The Cat in the Hat”? Your days reading Shakespeare are coming to an end, and you are now able to read 1st grade books again!

TCH210: Teach 210 is a Child Growth and Development course where students study the physical, social, emotional, and mental development of children from conception through adolescence. Throughout the semester, students learn numerous methods of studying children and their particular behaviors. A lot of students find this course to be extremely intriguing!

2. ISU’s College of education is highly ranked Nationwide Image result for college of education isu


The College of Education ranks in the top 5 percent in the United States for quality and value, according to College Factual. ISU has 41 professional educator programs, so there is bound to be something that interests you. Along with choosing what grade level to teach, there is also a number of different licenses and endorsements that students have the ability to pursue as well. It all depends on what type of educator you plan to be. According to Pay Scale, ISU education alumni have the 10th highest salary potential in the United States. This is a huge achievement among education programs and ISU alumni take great pride in this!

3. Study abroad opportunities

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Although other majors may offer opportunities to Study Abroad, the College of Education at Illinois State allows students to take courses in numerous other countries at an affordable cost. There is a variety of opportunities every year, and education majors have the ability to study/teach in a different country for however long they want to. Some study abroad programs are just a couple days, some are a couple weeks, and there are some that last almost a year long. The ISU administration understands that cost is a major factor when deciding to Study Abroad,  but there is an abundance of scholarships that are available to help pay for any Education study abroad opportunity that one wishes to take. For more information, visit the ISU Study Abroad page.

4. clinicals and student teaching

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While not every major requires students to participate in clinicals, students majoring in education must have a certain amount of time devoted to clinical study as well as student teaching. This allows students to have a hands-on experience with their major before they graduate college. There are a number of majors that are not as devoted to creating hands-on experiences for the students. However, anyone who is majoring in education will have various opportunities to work with children and student teach at schools around the country. Click here for more information on Clinical Experience and Student Teaching.

5. you will become a powerful teacherImage result for teacher word


Enrolling in the College of Education here at ISU may not be everyone’s first choice; however there are several benefits to being an ISU education alumni. The staff will ensure that finding a job right out of college is a breeze for education majors. No matter what grade level a student is interested in teaching, 87% of school districts in the state of Illinois employ at least one ISU alum. Being enrolled in the College of Education at ISU will surely direct you to the right schools and allow you to become the most powerful, influential teacher possible. Being a teacher in the future will give you the opportunity to change children’s lives in a positive manner.

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Ultimately, being an Education major at ISU is a smart choice. The Illinois State College of Education is highly ranked among other universities throughout the nation, and this is a wonderful place to start your teaching career. Being involved in the major of education allows you to take fun classes, study abroad, student teach, and hopefully become a positive role model for students in the future. There’s no better day than today to become an Education major at ISU.




Anna Tonarelli

Currently a freshman at Illinois State University and majoring in Elementary Education in hopes of becoming a teacher

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