There are so many classes at Illinois State University that students can take as their electives. HIS 104A01 is History Of Africa and it is not a popular class at ISU for two reasons. One, it is not that well known among students, and two, it is a very difficult class. But the class is very interesting because it goes in depth of Africa’s history and their cultures. This class is a good elective to take, but there are few things students must know in order to prepare themselves for this class. So here are 5 things students must know about History of Africa.

1. Skip Class? No passing

This is not a class for those who skips class a lot or are very lazy. The professor announces test dates or other important dates only once, and he does not upload announcements on ReggieNet either. He ONLY lectures and he also doesn’t upload those online either. The professor goes over at least one unit each class, so missing one class session will drop the grade by one letter grade. So unless it’s not an emergency, it’s best to go to every class session.


2. Beware of Pop Quizzes

This is a class that no one can pass unless they actually review their notes every single day. The professor warns his students that there will be two pop quizzes throughout the semester, but he does not tell what the pop quiz is on. So again, this is not a class for those who don’t really take classes seriously and not review their notes constantly.


3. Difficult Exams

The professor lectures an entire unit in one class session, and the class meets 3 times a week. That means the tests are very long and detailed, which makes it very difficult. The professor does not hand out any study guides, so the only thing students can use to study are their notes taken in class. The professor is known to speak very slowly and he tends to mumble a lot. So students must pay attention extra hard to copy down everything he says. Students get stressed out easily, since there are tons of notes they have to memorize in order to pass the exams.


4. Strict Professor

There is only one professor who teaches this class because this class is not that popular at ISU. His name is Agbenyega Adedze and he is known to be very tough on grading and in general. If students miss many sessions for any reason, he still makes them take any exams on the same day as everyone. He also takes his lectures very seriously, so he doesn’t like student participation during class. That means students don’t really get to ask questions during class. The only way to get on his good side is to attend class everyday and pass every exams.


5. Clear Syllabus

On the first day of class, Professor Adedze passes out the syllabus to everyone that includes the plans for each class session. The syllabus also includes what the professor is looking for in every homework or paper assignments very clearly. So if students are hoping for an A, all they have to do is follow every single direction on the syllabus. Professor Adedze makes sure that he is never ahead or behind the schedule that he made, so it’s very easy for students to prepare for each class.


So there it is. 5 important things students at ISU should definitely know before choosing to take this class. It’s a very interesting class, but it is definitely not an easy one. It is very time consuming, and it’s not really recommended for those who are not actually interested in learning the history of Africa. But this class prepares students for other difficult classes, and it is very rewarding to find out that they got through the class without failing.


Julia Park

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