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University might be a hard time for you with all assignments and events that you become a part of. If you want to add something light to your schedule, then the only thing that you could do is pick up an elective that lightens the burden and lights you up. Here are 10 such electives at Illinois State University that have been crafted to serve this purpose.

1) ECO 105: Principles of Economics

Economics might be a difficult and complex major, but this introductory economics course covers just the fundamentals of economics which are really easy to grasp for most individuals. Take ECO 105 and get your average lifted up by the dream number.

A meme applying the demand-supply principle of economics to the demand and supply of memes.

2) MSC 101: Introduction to Leadership- Individual Effectiveness

Want to learn how to be an effective leader? If yes, then MSC 101 is a course that is meant for you. It would teach you the fundamental principles of life  which most of you would have already learnt at some point in your life like time management techniques, problem solving and decision making processes.

A happy squirrel meme showing how being a leader feels like.

3) DAN 104: Beginning Modern Dance

DAN 104 is designed for beginners in modern dance. It focuses on introducing modern dance through improvisation, technique, practice and composition. Let your body swing gracefully and you would see that you are enjoying and destressing while taking a university course.

A photo showing someone for whom dancing is not a part of life, but life itself.

4) SOC 106: Introduction to Sociology

The society needs to be changed, but in what ways? Want to learn the technicalities and terms required to actually understand the complexities of the society? Take SOC 106 to understand the complex society through a very simple course that you could ace over a coffee table talk knowledge.

A meme showing a confusion about whether talking about sociology means "socializing".

5) MUS 101: Music Theory 1

Do you play guitar or piano or are a singer? Or just a die hard music fan?MUS 101 is meant for you if you know how to read music and want to just learn to make some music while getting credits.

A photo showing the chords in the key of C minor, which is a part of learning music theory.

6) CHE 102: Chemistry and Society

The world needs chemists that could help find treatments for deadly diseases. But whether this interests you or not, CHE 102 would help you find a link between chemistry and society while also covering the fundamentals of chemistry which are really easy to grasp.

A meme showing how organic chemistry might be difficult, however drawing benzene is fun.

7) ENG 101: Composition as Critical Inquiry

Time to write some compositions but not without following certain rules. It might not sound like something you want to do first, but once you master the rules, you would succeed in academic writing. So ENG 101 is going to help you from both the sides, get good grades on this course because ENG 101 does not require much time commitment and also get good grades on other theoretical courses that require good academic writing skills.

A meme showing how writing an essay could be really difficult for some people.

8) THE 101: Oral Interpretation of literature

THE 101 is not a literature course only. It is course that would talk about individual performance of non-dramatic literature as an approach to the study of literature and performance. It is a course that would help you build your theatre performance skills while also teaching literature in an easy manner.

A photo showing a theatre.

9) BSC 101: Fundamental Concepts in Biology

BSC 101 is going to take you on a ride to the minutest living component of your body. Learn about the cells without doing heavy assignments or labs. Just stick to the basics of biology while you also get a good science credit on your transcript.

A meme showing how biology can be as difficult as reading foreign language.

10) PHI 101: Basic Issues in Philosophy

Philosophy might seem a really heavy subject. But PHI 101 is the introduction to the world of philosophy that might make you fall in love with the philosophies of life. It is an easy course because it is designed for students with no background in philosophy.

A meme showing how philosophers cant stop philosophizing with a pun on "Kant"- the name of a popular philosopher.

These 10 courses are among the least burdensome courses at Illinois State University. These electives seem to understand how university is a real struggle, so they are trying to not be very hard on you. So do consider them as some of your easy options in life. You might even get a GPA boost!

Vrushti Trivedi

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