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1. “Wow Indiana like the state?”

No Indiana that small town in Pennsylvania

2. “This is Jimmy Stewart, the (street name) crosswalk sign is on

-Jimmy Stewart is a big staple in Indiana. We even have the Jimmy Stewart Museum and a huge statue of him infront of the court house.

3. “Hey can I stay with you during IUPattys?”

-Oh yeah! I remember talking to you that one time in high school while walking past eachother in the hall

4. IUP Crushes

-“Omg I wore a black hat with black leggings today so that tweet is defiantly about me!!!”

5. No Snow Days

-It could be 8 inches of snow and we still wouldn`t have a snow day but you will probably see our Alaskan president walking around in the snow during the winter

6. No Fall Break

The saddest thing is when my friends from other schools text me and say “Hey whens your fall break? We should do something!” We only had one fall break and it was because the teachers went on strike but hey I`ll take it.

7. Construction 

-Last year it was the new North Dining Hall, now its Elkin and Leornard. There`s always something being built/ taken down

8. IUP Class Facebook Pages

-On these pages you can see people asking what time The Hub closes, if anybody has an extra charger and most importantly telling people to turn their wireless printers off (No but really turn them off..)

9. That dreadful walk to Robertshaw

-Do I really need to go to Walmart to get food for the week? What times the bus come?

10. Free slice of Romeos if the Basketball team scores 72 points and wins

-My dinner for the next day was always planned because of the basketball team winning



Shelby Smith

IUP 2020, Nuclear Medicine, my puppy @Riley_at_IUP