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1. “Oh wow that’s a huge party school!

What do your parents think about that?” Well all get the weird reaction when people hear we go to IUP..due to its party reputation, as if we have anything to do with that…yet.

2. OMG You should totally let me crash at your place for IUPatties!

This has to be the worst thing to hear ever, because you haven’t talked to Lisa since 4th grade.

3. “Indiana? Out of all states, why?”

We can’t even get out “of Pennsylvania” because they already began to ask why in the world we would ever want to go to Indiana for college.

4. “So how much are you going to party?”

Is it really your business? But to answer your question, we all don’t know until we all get there…or do we?

5. “Wow you better own a good umbrella!”

Then we just sit there…looking at them faking a chuckle, because it’s not the first time we heard that. We get it, Indiana has horrible weather…


Angie Belinda

Just an Indiana University of Pennsylvania girl that can be bribed with some free food and free t-shirts. Catch my roommate and I listening to the Disney throwback jams past quiet hours

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