While there are 130+ majors at IUP to choose from and even more classes, I have selected a few that IUP students have considered the most interesting.

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1. Geography of Wine (GEO 261)

This class is about the production, products, social significance, and consequences of the global wine trade. They take field trips to wineries and do voluntary wine-tasting activities during the course.

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2. Philosophies of Love (PHIL 232)

In this class students investigate the concepts, problems, and philosophical theories central to understanding romantic love, marriage, and divorce.

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3. Woman in Media (COMM 325)

This class provides an overview of women in media (including television, film, radio, the internet, etc.) and the historical development of women’s involvement in media. It analyzes topics related to media effect theories and portrayal of women in media that influence some of the issues women face in their gender roles.

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4. Media Wellness (COMM 143)

In this class you learn how the media affects your physical and emotional wellness in both negative and positive ways.

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5. History of Pain (BIL 118)

This class looks at the history of scientific theories and hypotheses about understanding the pain mechanism. Students learn about the status of pain in various societies throughout the ages.


Brooke Patterson

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