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Everyone knows the struggle of having to live on campus your freshman year and living with a stranger in a dorm. Luckily at IUP, the dorms are suite style living, so every room has a little kitchen area and some even have living spaces. While these living situations are better then most, living with someone you but heads with is never easy.

The first thing I would recommend is sitting down and talking things out. That’s the first thing you should do. Sometimes that all it takes. If they leave their television on all night and you can hear it, ask them politely to turn it off. Most of the time simply talking things out goes a long way.

The second tip I would give is be direct. Don’t sugar coat anything, but don’t come off rude and blunt. Leaving passive-aggressive notes will not help but only fuel the fire. You both need to calmly and respectively tell each other the things that bother each other. Also, listen! You want them to listen to what you have to say, so show the same respect.

When you’re sitting down and talking things out, be careful what you say. Clearly you and this person are completely different. You have to try to keep the waters as calm as possible. Something you might not consider something offense, but they might. Just be mindful of what you’re saying.

As much as this person makes you angry, don’t get revenge! Going back and forth either fighting or doing things to purposely make the other one mad, isn’t going to solve anything. It’ll push someone over the edge and things could get ten times uglier.

When in doubt consider your options. Maybe moving out is your best option if you’re struggling that badly living with this person.

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Brooke Patterson