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Whenever I first moved into IUP I always joked around with people about how I thought my dorm room was haunted. I`d always hear weird noises at night and things would fall randomly off the walls and my desk. My friends who were upperclassman and my brother both told me their was a lot of buildings here that were haunted. Here is what Iv found and what iv heard around campus about the ghosts.

So most of the buildings that were haunted at IUP are actually being taken down just because of how old they were not because of why they`re haunted.

1. Leonard

They recently began to take down Leonard Hall this year but Leonard is home to most of the IUP ghost stories. In Leonard hall many teachers have reported of hearing voices outside their classroom and when they look theres nothing, they’ve also reported the doors being slammed shut, shadow figures appearing and multiple other things.

2. Kieth Hall

Kieth hall is another place that is closed now to IUP students but according to multiple people theres three ghosts who lived inside of these buildings. Danny, Mary Ann, and William who likes to be called Bill. All of these names have been captured on EVP by the Paranormal Society of IUP.

3.Sutton Hall

I have to go to Sutton Hall every Monday for class but I havent seen anything spooky yet. But its also a place where ghosts hide out.  Supposedly, janitors have heard music coming from the stairwell of the building later at night when nobody else was in the building. I have heard that if you go to Sutton Hall and look at the bell tower window, you can supposedly see a man standing there.

4. Breezedale Hall

Breezedale is now known as the Alumni Hall at IUP. This building was owned by James Sutton then sold to John Elkin. Students have reported seeing a man lurking in the back staircase of the building and even reports of lights turning on and off. William Bell Marshall who is James Sutton’s son in law also lived in this building and committed suicide there so many people believe hes still haunting the building.

5. Waller Hall

Waller Hall is the where the theater is at IUP. It is such a beautiful building that is in the Oak Grove.  Before it was a theater, it was a pool and supposedly a little girl drown there. Iv heard this story a lot from my brother who also went to IUP. The girl can be seen sitting in the corner playing and also sitting on house lights in the theater.

If you`d like to look for yourself at any of these haunted places around IUP then defiantly join the Paranormal Society of IUP.


Shelby Smith

IUP 2020, Nuclear Medicine, my puppy @Riley_at_IUP

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