Starting out at college is scary for anyone. Moving two hours away from home, was something I was and wasn’t looking forward to. I got to college and was completely lost. So below I’m going to list a few things that I wish someone had told me as a freshman at IUP. I hope these few things will help ease your transition from high school to college.


Save your Flex

The first thing I wish someone would have told me was to save my flex! At IUP, when you get a meal plan you have meal swipes and flex. Flex is like an extra couple hundred bucks to help you throughout the semester. Within the first month at school my freshman year, I ran out of all of my flex. This meant I only had 14 meal swipes a week for the rest of the semester. May I add, a meal swipe is only worth $5.43. So as a result, I wasn’t very happy.


Buy a Planner

The second thing I wish someone would have told me was to buy a planner. I  didn’t need a planner in high school, I wasn’t busy. However, in college I definitely did. Between my organizations events, upcoming exams or quizzes, meetings with my professor, etc. I needed a planner to keep everything organized.


You Actually Have to Study

The third thing I wish I had known was that I actually did need to study. Some people, including myself, didn’t need to sit down and study every night. However, that was high school, this is college. After taking my first quiz or exam and getting that grade back, I knew I needed to work on my study skills.


8 am’s? Are you sure?

The fourth thing I wish someone would had warned me was about taking 8 am classes. Yeah, it sounds great when you’re registering for classes at orientation. You’re gonna get up at 7 am, get ready for class, everything will be fine. So you thought. By the third week you’re gonna want to go back in time and wish you had never taken it. For those of you that are morning people, you don’t have any issues. I was struggling to get the motivation to get out of bed and go to class.

Overall, I think that your freshman year is going to be scary, and that’s okay. I came in with no one to go to for help, hence the list of things I wish I had someone to ask. However, regardless I enjoyed every minute of my freshman year and you will too!


Brooke Patterson

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