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I met my boyfriend Patrick last semester here at IUP. We went to high school together but we never really talked. From the second I met him, I was really into him and I was excited for what would happen in the future. We began to hang out a lot and we became fast friends. We were hanging out a lot by going to the movies, going to get food and just watching TV in our dorms.When he finally asked me to be his girlfriend in February,  I realized very quickly that balancing a boyfriend in school was going to be difficult. I needed to have enough time for us but also even more time for school work. So as I was sitting here with Patrick, I asked him what are some ways we balanced school life and also being a couple.

Patrick and I at the Pirates Home Opener this year! He surprised me with tickets after I had a hard week at school.

1.Set time aside to actually study and do work

Don`t spend every minute with your boyfriend especially if your not getting your school work done. Set times throughout the day to get your homework done and to study.

2. But also spend time with each other

Pat and I`s favorite thing to do whenever we want to distress from school is  watch a movie together or play video games together (as you can tell in the picture above). We try to set time throughout the week to do this so neither of us gets too stressed out with school.

3. Spend time away from eachother

Don`t ignore your friends for your significant other. I know it can be hard to balance it all at first but don`t ever make your friends feel like you’re ignoring them for your boyfriend/ girlfriend

4. Help eachother with homework

My boyfriend and I are in a lot of the same classes this semester so we try to help each other and work together as much as we can with school. I think being in classes with people you know makes everything a lot easier.

5. Don`t get mad

Don`t get mad or upset if your boyfriend/ girlfriend has a lot of work to do and wants to cancel plans. If they’re stressed out with school, do your best to make it easier on them not harder by getting mad.

6. Treat Yo Self

Go on a date and forget about school for a couple hours, don`t let any of your conversations on the date be about school either. Make the date be about both of you and talk about how things are with your friends back home or your dogs back home.

7. Don`t sweat the small stuff

College is stressful enough and you don`t need to add the extra stress to it by getting mad over your significant other accidentally leaving you on read or them taking too long to reply to your texts. Honestly, its the small things like that, that turn into bigger things and make things a lot more stressful than needed.


Shelby Smith

IUP 2020, Nuclear Medicine, my puppy @Riley_at_IUP

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