When you’re a senior in high school, trying to decide where you want to go to College is a big deal. One of the many things you should consider is the violence and crime rate. This can go for the school and the surrounding area. Therefore I have some of the crime rates and facts about IUP and Indiana, PA as whole.

Most people would probably consider IUP a violent campus. Especially considering some of the things people hear going on during IUPattys or Homecoming weekend. Therefore, most people don’t realize one very important detail. The majority of the people celebrating IUPattys, aren’t IUP students.

For example, during the 2017 spring semester IUPattys celebrations there were multiple shootings. Here’s a piece of the post-gazette article about that shooting, “Two separate shootings, leaving one man dead, three others injured and two men in jail, occurred in less than an hour about a mile-and-a-half apart in Indiana Borough. No IUP students were involved in either of the incidents, officials said, and the shootings did not appear to be related to the IUPatty’s festivities, which brings an influx of visitors to the campus.

As a current student at IUP, I would consider the campus average for the amount of violence. There are multiple things that help me feel safe on campus. Located on campus are the university police. I receive alert texts from the police department. Scattered all over campus are blue lights. These blue lights are poles that have a speaker system and a button. You can push the button and campus police will be there to assist you.


Brooke Patterson

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