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Scheduling for classes are coming up if you haven`t done so already. I keep seeing posts on the Facebook pages about who is a good professor to take and who’s not, and also even what classes to take next semester. A good idea also is to check out Rate My Professor!

1. Political Science with Dr. Perry

The professor makes everything so fun and enjoyable. She teaches about Hamilton and she likes to relate the topic to the musical which makes it a lot better. If you`re having trouble in the class, she’s very willing to help you and to figure out whats wrong.

2. Philosophy with Dr. Rubenstein

Philosphy is very hard and can be confusing if there’s a lot to be learned at once. Dr. Rubenstein breaks down the topics so there’s not a lot of information coming at you at once. He’s also a very helpful and understanding professor with any problems or conflicts you may have.

3. Chem 101 with Dr. Kondo

Taking a science class is hard. I know this for a fact because¬†I’m in my second year of taking them. Dr. Kondo would defiantly be my #1 suggestion for Chem 1o1. I had her my first semester here at IUP when I was just getting used to the classes and the new atmosphere. She was one of the most helpful and caring professors that I know. She set her class up so that if someone was confused, you’d be in a group with other people who could help you out.

4. English 101 with Neinkamp

She has the class designed so that you could read your papers to her and get feedback on them before you had to turn them in. She understands that sometimes life gets hard and she’ll work to help you out. An added bonus: She sometimes brings her dogs to class ūüôā

5. Computer Science with O`Neil

I know of a lot of people who need to take a computer science class for their major. I took Computer Science online with O`Neil and it was a very good class. She lays out everything at the beginning of the semester and she makes sure you know the work before you do it.

6. MacroEconomics with Sissoko

First things first, Sissoko gives out a lot of extra credit. Like if you go to a seminar he’ll give you 100 points of extra credit. He is very clear in his syllabus on what he wants and he expects in the class.

7. MicroEconomics with Yerger

Most students need to take micro and macro economics. Yerger was hilarious but he is also very opinionated so if you don’t like that you shouldn’t take the class. You could tell he really liked economics too. His final was open notes and open book which helped a lot at the end of the semester.

8. Psychology 101 with Siegel

Siegel is a grad student who teaches at IUP. He likes to incorporate real life situations into psychology so that you can get a better understanding of it. Psychology is a very interesting class to begin with and its one where you cant really miss anything because you’ll miss a lot if you do. If you go to see him in his office hours he will really help you understand the work a lot better.

9. Sociology with Frye

Dr. Frye was one of the most interesting professors here at IUP. He makes class interesting and he tries to keep everyone engaged in the lectures. You can use a front and back piece of paper for the test which helps a lot.

10. European History with Moore

He is one of those professors that if you’re not in class you miss free points. He shows a lot of movies in class and he has your fill out simple questions for easy points. All the exams are online as well as the homework.


Shelby Smith

IUP 2020, Nuclear Medicine, my puppy @Riley_at_IUP

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